Creativity From The Roots: Earth Day Freebies

Mother Nature is wise and will always provide you with everything you need, not only to survive but also to develop and grow. This time we’re providing you with what you need to pay tribute to her. Take advantage of this unique opportunity to get your hands on the best images so you can create the most attractive Earth Day commemorative designs.

Earth Day

Have you ever wondered why we celebrate this date?

Well, let’s travel to the United States, to the 1960s, also called the “decade of activism”. At this time, attention began to be paid to what was happening to Mother Nature, and a strong ecological movement appeared. However, the politicians of the time didn’t put the issue at the top of the agenda. On 22 April 1970, more than 7000 people decided to demonstrate for the environment, and that’s why we celebrate Earth Day.

Graphic Images Day

So your imagination and creativity can run wild, we’re offering you this great selection of vector illustrations, mockups, and templates. Discover how easy it can be to get down to work when you have the special freebies for this date.
We offer you mockups so you can easily capture what you’re imagining as you follow one of the biggest trends – designs with images of mother nature.

Earth Day 1

You’ll also find banners with which you can create spectacular digital projects. 

Earth Day 2

Take advantage of these unique assets for Nature’s Day and if you want more inspiration, don’t miss this special collection.