Do’s and Don’ts of Creating a Stunning Portfolio

Undeniably, for today the visual look of any online project does mean a lot for its prosperity. Yes, the technical side of the website is a vital aspect. Thus, it should be powerful and well-running enough to match your guests’ needs. Still, today we are going to discuss the creative part of the question. As you may know, the newest smart technologies literally allow one to construct any kind of a website. Therefore, now everyone can effortlessly build a top-notch blog, personal page, shop, gallery or even eCommerce site. In a word, today it is possible for those people, who have no CMS knowledge. For example, here you can see the easy-to-manage themes that already include portfolio as one of the main features. And these are the unforgettable responsive wordpress themes you may use.

As a result, we don’t have to spend big money on the services of the well-skilled web designers but still can get a quick, powerful and strikingly-colored portfolio. Consequently, the amount of the cool sites increases every day, so you have to set up and design a truly unique portfolio if you would like to stand out from the crowd. Given these points, in this post, we are going to show you the do’s and don’ts of creating a stunning portfolio. We hope that these points will not only be helpful but can also inspire you to do something truly unusual.

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How many examples of your art should a portfolio consist of? This is one of the main questions you may want to know the answer to. Without a doubt, your works will be the centric part of the portfolio, so everything about it needs to be perfect. According to the statistics and the numerous investigations, the optimal number of your work’s examples is, at a minimum, 30 pieces for an online space. In a word, this number is ideal in order to showcase your portfolio to the web audience. By the way, don’t forget that one should also aim at least 20 online pages of a physical portfolio. Without a doubt, you can show more pictures but we earnestly suggest you not to reduce the mentioned numerals. On the other hand, keep in mind that your picture shouldn’t be overused, as they have to harmonize with the design of your portfolio. Therefore, make sure that you don’t overdo it.

What are the works you may include into your stunning online portfolio? Without a doubt, you may want to showcase your crisp and pixel-perfect works but there is another feature you have to remember. A properly illustrated context can help you to attract the visitors’ attentions with no effort. That is why I don’t hesitate to write about the reasons a picture was done. Basically, one is able to write short descriptions to explain their thoughts and ideas. What is more, we also propose you to show various notes and sketches. At the end, these things will tell your visitors how, why and when a work was created. To make a long story short, just interest people with your inner world. Show them only the works that have their history and plot.

Being a photographer, you can let people share various photos below your posts. In addition, don’t forget to ask your visitors what kind of content they would like to see. In a word, you need to show people that you are interested in them. Conversely, do not write too much. At the end, you want to get a new-gen portfolio, not a popular blog.

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On the other hand, you can just overload your website. It is a common mistake and you can see many portfolios that get over-excited. As a result, your online guests will be confused. Accordingly, people will not be able to understand what your portfolio is about. To make your portfolio perfect, always remember that less is more and meticulously filter everything you are about to post.

Needless to say, comfort is the next aspect you should remember about to construct your breathtaking portfolio. As soon as you know which works you are going to use, think about the technical side of your stunning online portfolio. As you may know, today’s technologies offer one to use many stylish and helpful options. So what are the design elements that are a real must-have for your portfolio? To begin with, remember about the tagline. It should be short and clear. In a word, your tagline will sum all your works and their ideas up. Secondly, don’t forget to use some comfortable filters. Actually, they can both help people to find the very examples of your work and simply save their time. In addition, create the ‘About me’ section to let the guests of the portfolio see your background. Unquestionably, you will also want to add ‘Contacts’ and ‘Social sharing’.

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Without a doubt, creating a unique and beautiful logo is another vital action you need to do for your portfolio. Seeing that, we recommend you to put it in the left-hand corner, right at the top. Would you like it to be the first thing that the visitors will see when they enter your website? In this case, simply remember about the way people scan the information from an online page and do not paste your logo in the right corner or below the main information.

So, for today these were all the do’s and don’ts for the creation of a magnificent portfolio. As you can see, there is nothing complicated. Given these points, tell us your opinion. Have you ever managed an online portfolio? What are the must-have options for you? Was your website successful? How do you think? What is the easiest way to interest people at your long-awaited portfolio? To sum everything up, don’t forget to leave all your thoughts and questions in the comments below this article!

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