Donut Forget it’s Donut Day

By Freepik Academy 1 year ago

Today is the official celebration of Donut Day and we certainly donut want you to miss out on the fun. That is why here at Freepik we have a sweet treat in store with our tutorial on how to model an iced Donut in ZBrush. The tutorial is fun, engaging and deliciously simple as it guides you through each step.

Whenever there’s a plate of donuts they always seem to disappear rapidly but this tutorial will allow you to create some long lasting deliciousness. It is a great chance to practice and develop your skills in ZBrush. ZBrush allows you the chance to really get a hold of 3D modeling and embodies the best of cutting-edge technology. The tutorial means you can learn and implement your skills at a pace that suits you.

The tutorial is completely free meaning you can save those pennies for some actual edible donuts. There is, however, no greater satisfaction than sculpting your own and seeing the final finished design. So donut wait any longer check out our course today!