DIY printed wall art with minimalistic geographical maps

By Freepik Company 3 years ago

If you have a favorite location in the world, wouldn’t you like to remember it with frequency? Even if you already have photographs, sometimes you just need a less obvious reminder of it. Maybe your favorite spot isn’t too photogenic. Maybe it’s not a beautiful hill with a sunset in the background, but the street where your favorite café is, or somewhere you visited while on vacation.



GrafoMap is a tool that lets you put in some coordinates and print a minimalistic map that can be printed and used as a decoration. With these maps you don’t only represent a location, but the placement of it and its surroundings.



With some of these reminding of Pantone color samples, the prints come in four different styles with the name and coordinates of the place that you choose underneath.


You can learn more and even print your own maps on their website.