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By Flaticon 5 months ago

You all know that Flaticon is the largest database of editable icons, but do you know what it means? In this article, we’ll tell you about one of Flaticon’s most useful tool and how you can use it to optimize your work.

Flaticon gives the user a wonderful option not just download the icon as it is an after work on it for hours changing colors, details, and size, but to do it directly on our website. Sound awesome, right?

First, choose the style you like: flat, lineal or lineal filled. Then click “edit icon” and let’s start creating!


Choose the “grid” feature before editing if it is more comfortable for you. Click on a part of the icon to start editing. You can choose any color from our color palette to replace the original one. And then go part by part changing colors and see which combination works best for your project.

Once you’re done choosing the color you can change other appearance features.

You can flip it and rotate it, move to the left/right/up/down and, of course, scale as you like.



If you want to cancel the last action or go back to the initial look it is very easy to do thanks to back/forth and reset buttons.

Once your icon looks the way you want, you can download it by clicking “download” or save it to your collection. The collection option allows you to store all your selected icons in one place.

Flaticon has a lot of fun and useful tools you can use as a registered user absolutely for free. In our next articles, we will share with you the best of them. 


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By Flaticon