An “In-Depth” Look At Backgrounds

Today we’re going to be talking “in-depth” about backgrounds. And why backgrounds? Because this is one of the elements that is most in demand by designers. And why is it one of the most in demand? Well, because the background is the blank canvas on which you place your design… But that’s not the only reason. It is also the element you use to support all the information on your website, the background of your computer or mobile screen, and the texture on your business card or your wedding invitation.

It’s easy to understand why the keyword background had 38.2 million monthly searches in the United States according to the keyword analysis tool, SEMRUSH.

This indispensable aspect of your design takes on special relevance in your business, especially when it comes to e-commerce.

What is the perfect background for e-commerce products?

Having an attractive product is vital to achieving your sales goals, as the customer only spends about 3 seconds on deciding whether your product deserves a second glance or will be filed along with the millions of daily insignificant visual impacts. That means photographers and designers must ensure that their product photos attract customers and convert that opportunity into a sale. One sure way is to find a background against which the product stands out, either by good photography or by cropping the product and placing it against other backgrounds.

There are many options available on the Internet to remove the background from the photo of your product. My favorite is to use Photoshop – with three simple steps your product can be removed from the background and placed on a flat background, a texture or any other format.

  • Step 1. Select the figure with your favorite selection tool or the pen tool depending on the complexity and contrast of the image.

Photoshop selection tool

soda can with different backgrounds

But backgrounds are not only useful for boosting online sales; all designers need to be aware of and stay up to date with graphic design trends so that their creations remain current. Backgrounds or patterns should communicate about the product, not just serve as decoration. For instance, if we have a beverage originating in Mexico, it would be compelling to incorporate a Mexican or Aztec background to impart personality and coherence to the design. We understand that the abundance of online information can be overwhelming, which is why at Freepik, we’ve compiled this useful trend guide for you to keep at your fingertips.

Finally, a background can have a personality of its own and be very important in our daily lives. Use your imagination and find the right place and the right moment to use it: from using your favorite family photo as wallpaper on your personal computer to surprising everyone by connecting from the cockpit of the Millennium Falcon in your next video Zoom call.

Millenium Falcon Star Wars BackgorundUse these quick tips to give your design a new lease of life. Something as simple as changing the look of the canvas on which you place your design can add value to your project. Isn’t it time to experiment with different backgrounds to see which one suits you best?

If you need inspiration to choose your next background, at Freepik we help you to keep up to date with hundreds of resources that will support your designs. And this time of the year, why don’t you go for an Earth Day or a Mother’s Day theme?