Covering Covid-19: What You Can Do As A Contributor

Given the crisis situation that we’re all experiencing around the world due to the coronavirus outbreak, here at Freepik Company we want to contribute in the best way we know.

We’ve recently announced our initiative, Here to Help Facing Covid-19, that aims at providing free graphic resources for health, education and media professionals in order to facilitate their work as much as we can. 

You, as a contributor, can also support the initiative: create and upload useful resources to help people all around the world to inform, share and raise awareness of the Covid-19 outbreak. Under the slogan “Together we create, together we fight”, last week we launched a campaign focused on contributors. Have a look at the site to learn how to participate. 

Whether you are a Freepik or a Flaticon contributor, below we give you some tips and ideas on the type of content you can create related to coronavirus.

1. Create useful content that covers the Covid-19 outbreak

Resources are mainly used by organizations and for educational purposes. Create content that covers different aspects of the outbreak and that users around the world can use to inform and raise awareness of Covid-19.

Always include information supported by official organizations. Please, make sure that all the information you use comes from trusted sources like the WHO.

The outbreak has reached everywhere and everyone, no matter their profession, gender or age. Thus, it’s essential your content covers a wide variety of people and situations related to Covid-19 and its consequences. 

2. Provide informational content

Right now, people are in a constant need for information. Infographics and charts are good ways to represent Covid-19 development. 

What kind of information can you include in your infographic? It can inform about the symptoms of Covid-19 or how to prevent transmission. These infographics can also include information about the spread development, showing the most affected countries and statistics.

In case you include information or recommendations, we suggest these are updated and supported by the WHO and other trusted sources. This is a serious situation and we must prevent by all means the spread of misinformation.

coronavirus infographic


coronavirus inforgraphic on elder people

icon pack of coronavirus


3. Images about correct hygiene procedures

Preventing the spread of the virus is essential. So, making people aware of the importance of hygiene is primary to control the outbreak. 

Whether you work with photos, vectors or icons, you can use your resources to help others to raise awareness about the basic hygiene methods, which are: masks, hand-washing, avoiding contact or covering your coughs.

You can depict people wearing masks or hand-washing, or perhaps provide a brief guide on how to properly wash your hands or what to do when coughing or sneezing.

These measures are key, so it’s important that everyone understands them. Try to be concise and clear. Besides, many efforts are put on children and their correct understanding of the situation. So you could also create content addressed to the youngest. 

photo nurse with mask

Photo by user16396000

photo washing hands


vector how to wash your hands

4. Represent the health care process

The disease impact goes through different processes, and content covering the outbreak should represent all these situations. 

The first step is the onset of symptoms. You can include people feeling unwell or being checked by the doctor in your images. It’s important, though, that your content isn’t alarming.

The next step is medical care. Health care professionals play a main role in Covid-19 prevention and cure. You can create resources depicting different settings, like health professionals giving advice on prevention, doing check-ups, etc.

Scientists and lab workers are also a main part of the whole process. So, creating content related to lab work is also a way to cover the outbreak.

photo medic woman with protective clothing

Photo by massonstock

vector of sciencist researching coronavirus

Photo by lanasham

coronavirus icon pack

5. Content that shows social responsibility

Staying at home and social distancing are some of the measures used by governments to mitigate the spread of the virus. Raising awareness about the importance of staying indoors and avoiding contact is vital.

You can create content that depicts people doing different activities at home. Families having fun, reading, working, playing, etc. Try to think of different situations and offer diverse possibilities. 

Now, many people are giving tips to work remotely, so try to cover settings that can be used in these compilations. 

vector working from home during quarantine

vector stay at home during coronavirus

Photo by stories

6. Together, we’re stronger

Probably by this time we’re already overloaded with lots of information about coronavirus. We’re experiencing a hard situation, but in moments like this, it’s when people show their best side and we prove that we’re stronger together.

Bad things also bring good things, so we should also cover the positive side. You can represent this human side by creating images that show solidarity, community support and recognize the hard work of health and other professionals.

vector people with masks against the virus

Photo by kupalina

vector concept of people wearing masks coronavirus

Photo by letters-shmetters

vector of people hugging together

7. Deliver a positive message

Being informed is necessary but facing the situation with positivism is essential to stay calm. That’s why we suggest you create content that delivers a positive message.

For example, letterings with quotes are always a good way to keep our minds healthy. Here are some quote ideas you can use: stay at home and don’t panic, keep calm and wash your hands, stay at home and have a moment to yourself…

lettering stay home illustration leaves theme

Photo by beingeniusloci

positive lettering desing with photo

vector with positive lettering

This is how you can play your part in this crisis situation. Now that we have to stay at home, we can’t think of a better way than letting our imagination fly and create amazing things. But, most importantly, stay safe and face the moment the best we can!