Course of the Month: Introduction to Vectorial Illustration

By Freepik Academy 1 year ago

Check out April’s literally out of this world course of the month. It not only gives you a comprehensive insight into the Illustrator universe but also its tools as well. You will learn different styles of illustration and as well build on your own personal style. It will also give you the chance to expand your portfolio by creating some mockups. No matter your level of experience with illustrator you can learn some valuable tricks that will help enhance your work.

To get started downloading Adobe Illustrator is essential and to really get the best out of the course it is recommended that you also have Adobe Photoshop and a tablet where possible. The course expertly takes you step by step through the basics of Illustrator. You will then literally be able to add some colour and illumination with the development of your own colour palette and illumination effect. The course is hands-on meaning that you will literally be able to put into practice everything you’re learning.

What’s best about this is course is that you can keep track of your improvement and will come out with a fabulous illustration. It is the chance to let your appetite for knowledge and creativity roam free. This is a course where you can think, learn and illustrate and most importantly have fun!

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