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Lisa Cooper is a Freelance Social Creative working with Print-Print Ltd. She is responsible for researching and designing engaging visual content to drive brand awareness through topical, high-impact, low budget public relations campaigns.

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    • Lisandra da Costa

      Great article, I will be sharing in my blog! Thanks

      • Thank you very much for sharing 🙂

    • J_Fresno

      I personally love this kind of articles; very helpful in every logo design.

      • We are very happy that you find it useful 🙂 Please feel free to ask for topics that you are interested on, to publish in our blog.

    • Basically, the logo of a company is considered as the company’s identity or name tag in the business world. If a company logo that has been existing for quite a long time and has been known and remembered to the world would collaborate with another company, deciding to have slight changes on their logo, it would probably affect the whole thing. The overall structure of a company logo is vital to have a strong impact to the general consumer. On my own experience, I’ve seen a lot of not-so-famous company logo that were nearly as good as the logo’s that were mentioned but they possess all of the factors you’ve mentioned.

      • Very interesting point! thanks for sharing it with us Danial!

    • Thakur Vikram

      Really good article. Thank you.

      • Thanks for reading it!! We hope it is helpful for you