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Although we all love summer, Autumn is around the corner. It means that certain things are about to change: the temperature, the clothes we wear, and Freepik’s vectors and photos. At Freepik, we want all our contributors to succeed and that users download your content. For this reason, we’re happy to share with you some tips about the most popular autumnal celebrations. We want to help you build an original and appealing portfolio for the new fall, so don’t miss them out.
There is a previous post where we talked about color palettes and best tips for Autumn resources. Have a look at it here!
Some quick tips:
  • Remember to upload your content in advance! Although Autumn lasts until December, so make sure you submit your resources during August and September. This way, your content will be ready for users to download it. 
  • There are some international celebrations and festivities quite demanded by users. We recommend that you work with these and try to be as original and innovative as possible so that your content stands out on our platform.
  • The key to being innovative is by creating unique content. We suggest that you focus on original ideas, that’s to say, on things that aren’t abundant on our platform. For instance, reflecting the preparation process in your piece of work is a good idea. In the case of photos, shoot a group of people preparing for the celebration or the event. In the case of vectors, for instance, designs cut-outs have proved to be useful for users.
  • Besides, we also recommend that you stress the social component in your creative work. By doing this, you will give importance to the people who are part of the festivity.
autumn elements


These are just a few pieces of advice. Below we shed some light on the most important aspects of each festivity and their color palettes. Have a look at these tips and take your Autumn content to the next level!
Mid-Autumn Festival

This festival takes place at the end of September and early October and is celebrated by Chinese and Vietnamese people. The Moon plays a vital role in this celebration. During these days, people meet to observe the Moon and eat traditional pastry.

  • Common elements: Some recurrent items in this festivity are lanterns, full moon, rabbits, or mooncakes.
  • Color Palette: pink colors, purple, and blue prevail in this celebration.

mid autumn festival vector


This is the largest festival and is held in Munich, Germany, at the end of September and beginning of October. Thousand of people join there to drink beer and have fun.

  • Common elements: the most representative elements are beers, pretzels, sausages, and typical German clothing, so make sure you include them in your designs or photos!
  • Color palette: use green, white, and yellow colors.

oktoberfest people celebrating


Diwali is celebrated by Hindus every Autumn, and it coincides with the Hindu New Year. During this event, everything is illuminated with bright lights, and people prepare abundant meals with tasty dishes, give presents and attend firework displays.

  • Common elements: among Diwali’s features, the most important are the Goddess Lakshmi, incense, candles, jewelry, and flowers.
  • Color palette: in this festivity, the main colors that stand out are red, orange, and yellow.

diwali light candle vector


Halloween is perhaps the most representative event in Autumn. Countless people around the world celebrate Halloween (which means that also a lot of users will download resources related to it). Halloween commemorates the dead, and it’s common to wear costumes.

  • Common elements: pumpkins, skeletons, bats, or spider webs are recurrent objects.
  • Color palette: orange, black, and purple tones are predominant.

halloween kids party

Thanksgiving Day

This day is mainly celebrated in the US. Families join to have dinner and prepare an elaborate meal to give thanks.

  • Common elements: traditional elements in Thanksgiving are the turkey, pumpkins, meals, apple pie, or the pilgrim’s hat.
  • Color palette: gold tones, orange and brown must appear in your Thanksgiving resources.

thanksgiving day food vector


Black Friday

It’s celebrated in November after Thanksgiving and is regarded as the beginning of the Christmas shopping season.

  • Common elements: the most recurrent features are bags full of new items, shopping centers, and sales.
  • Color palette: colors such as yellow, black, or red are associated with this day.
black friday photo


These are just some celebrations. However,  there are many other cool ideas and elements that you can use in your creations: leaves, pine cones, rain, and wind or typical food such as mushrooms, nuts or cakes. Have a look at the following examples:


vector fox pattern


image mushrooms basket


cute girl rainy day


Besides, if you want to make the most of your vectorial designs, give it a try to new trends like Art Deco, 3D lettering or the Modern Mid-Century style.


flower pattern vector


If you’re more into photography, opt for bright colors, landscapes, and nature. Arising issues of interest in your work, like climate change, is also a good idea.


couple tree photo


We really hope that you liked these tips and you find them useful. Take them into account for your next submissions and don’t forget to upload Autumn resources before September is over!


autumn landscape background


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