Celebrate the International Day of Families with This Freebie

By Flaticon 1 month ago

Here at Freepik we love celebrating events and special days and today it’s the International Day of Families so there’s no better occasion than today to offer you this great pack of People Icons by Flaticon.

You’ll find a good variety of multicultural people in different environments and situations. Families are as varied as you can think and we have the chance to prove it with our icons. Have a look at them, you’ll see avatars doing sports, at the supermarket or at the beach. From babies to grandparents watch every member of this avatar family and choose the one that fit your project. These avatars are perfect to decorate any design. Have you run out of ideas for presents? Print one of this design on a mug or tote bag! Anyone will love that, plus it’s super original!

Maybe you can include them on websites, blogs, brochures or even set a new profile picture on your social media accounts.

This great set of icons comes in three versions: linear color, flat and outline. The vector files come in both .png and .svg formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. Click on the green button to download for free!

By Flaticon