We asked our contributor Vitaliy a few questions about his life, work and motivation! #flaticon #iconize #contributor #interview

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Freepik contributor Giuseppe Ramos talks about his work and motivations as well as working for Freepik #freepik #interview #contributor

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Icon creator Andrei Manolache talks about inspirations and as to why Flaticon is the perfect place for his work. #flaticon #interview #contributor

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Freepik contributor and photographer Luis Molinero explains his interest in photography and work for Freepik. #freepik #interview #contributor

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Freepik photography contributor Tirachard Kumtanom gave an interview to talk about his tips and passion for photography. #freepik #interview #contributor

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Helsinki based Freepik contributor Irina Kulkova talks about her range of designs and inspirations. She also states why Freepik is the place for her.

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Majorca based couple Agata and Darius are passionate about graphic design. Here they talk about the inspirations and motivations behind their designs as well as why Freepik is the perfect platform for them. Whether new or old to the business you could sure learn a thing or two so let’s get to know them!

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Greetings! Today we are excited to introduce Natalka Dmitrova, one of our Freepik contributors. Let’s start and get to know her better!

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We get to know Andre Timm better through this personal and professional interview.

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