The Best Resume Templates

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When looking for a job, it’s important to write an outstanding resume. Why? They are the way in which a recruiter can get to know you better.

There are different types of resume, different structures, and they also vary depending on your area of expertise and the like.

Of course, any Resume template must include important information: experience, contact details, educational background… In this post, we are going to show you some of our most popular curriculum Google Slides themes and PowerPoint presentations.

1. Creative Resume

Are you a creative professional looking for a new challenge? Then, this template is the perfect one for you.

Creative Resume

This template is flashy, cool and it has a great structure. We have added 5 different color palettes full of nice hues that provide this theme with a very professional look. In addition, the typefaces are easy to read… This is perfect when the recruiter has a pile of resumes to go through!
Let’s have a look at the “Computer Skills” slide. It is great for writing a little bit about yourself. Add icons and go straight to the point. That’s the key to success.

You can easily adapt this slide to your needs. You only need to fill the circles to talk about your knowledge or skills in a certain area. In the same fashion, you can replace the icons with others that are more related to your own abilities.Creative Resume Template

We have also added some graphic resources to help you show your working experience in a summarized way. See the following example. It is a roadmap that will help you show your own working path. If you are interested in downloading roadmap infographics, in Slidesgo we have created some of them!Roadmap Infographics

It’s logical, colorful, funny and will help the human resources manager to speed up the process. Don’t you think so?
→ Design a Creative Resume with this lovely template.

2. Abstract CV

Let’s have a look at another cool resume. This is an abstract template:Abstract CV - Template

Organic shapes, hand-drawn elements, dots, linear icons, cartoon illustrations… This abstract CV template is completely different from what you have seen before.

Offering something so different, visually speaking, will be a perk for you.

This theme also offers very effective slides that will help you synthesize your information:Abstract CV Template

As you can see, here you can talk about your experience, education, skills and areas of expertise. You can add icons, bar graphs, dot graphs… It’s simple and easy to understand and to customize!

Another important aspect that you can include in your curriculum vitae is your hobbies. This way, the recruiter can know more about your and your abilities:

Provide a brief description of each of them. Demonstrate the importance of those entertainments for you!

For example, if you are applying for a creative sort of job, it would be great if one of your hobbies is related to arts: music, painting, writing. On the other hand, if you like team sports just like football or basketball, this means that you can cooperate with other people quite well.

If you also have a website, you can add it to your CV! It is a great way to show that you are a proactive person who is constantly looking for new opportunities.Abstract CV - Free Template

→ Download this Abstract CV template here!

3. High School Resume

If you are looking for a young and fresh design for your curriculum vitae, this High School Resume is brilliant:High School resume - Free Template

Bright colors, Stories illustrations by Freepik, hand-drawn elements… In fact, this sort of layout is great if you are a high-school student and you are looking for a part-time job. None of the applicants will send a candidature like this one! It is designed to be motivational.

In our resume templates, we add a slide devoted to your communication skills and the number of languages that you speak, adding even pie charts and infographics.

High School Resume - Free Template

Of course, you must also add your contact information. In the following slide, we have added a slot for you to add your address, phone, cell phone and email address, together with an illustration of a user profile!High School Resume - Free Template

→ Do you like this High School Resume template? Give it a go.

4. Teacher Resume

The following template is perfect if you are a teacher and you prefer pictures over illustrations, have a look at this resume.Teacher Resume - Free Template

The color palette of this template is perfect for a teaching position Psychologically speaking, green can increase reading speed and comprehension, which will make your recruiter’s task easier. Likewise, it is soothing and calming. Those are traits that you, as a teacher, need to have. Using this hue, you will transmit that very feeling to the human resources manager! Also, we have inserted some pictures that show classes, pupils, pencil cases or watercolors, which support the topic in a visual way.

It is still related to education and kids and its style is quite professional and simple.

Let’s explore this example a little bit more. Teacher Resume - Free TemplateThis is another infographic that you can use to talk about your education. As usual, simplicity is key. We design straightforward CV templates: it makes them readable and understandable. Always remember that the recruiter has hundreds of resumes to evaluate; facilitate their work!

Teacher Resume - Free Template

Our themes are uncomplicated and you can add a lot of details about your working life, as in the previous example!

Many teachers also have experience abroad. You can use this map slide in which you can add your overseas experiences. This can demonstrate that you have learnt about different teaching methods!Teacher Resume - Free Template

As seen, this map contains all the things you need to explain thanks to the dots and the use of colors.

→ If you want to use this Teacher Resume template, download it!

5. Nurse CV

If you work as a nurse or as a health professional, download this theme now! It is modern, full of bright colors and wavy shapes. If you are always willing to take care of your patients, give it a go!Nurse CV - Free Template

In the “About me” section, you can add your picture, like in the following example. Together with it, add a brief description of yourself to enhance your skills. This is a quite joyful slide! Nurse CV - Template

We have added other sections in which you can capture your work as a volunteer, for example. This sort of experience is very valuable when trying to get a health-related position!Nurse CV - Free Template

There is an editable bar graph, text boxes to explain it… To sum up, everything you may need!

→ Use this Nurse CV template now.

As you can see, there are several options for you if you are looking for a free resume template. Go ahead, choose one of our beautiful designs and get the opportunity you are looking for. Your new job position is at hand!



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