Be in Contact With These Flaticon Icons

By Flaticon 6 days ago

Flaticon has compiled a bunch of communication and support icons in this new freebie called: Contact Us. Icons are important for both business and web purposes as they can convey information about a company such as its brand and its product or instructions. They can enhance the layout of your site and make navigating easy which is important when considering attracting and retaining users. Are you up for changing the User Interface of your site and make it work?

If you are up to, keep reading and scrolling because this freebie includes every concept you can think of.  From intuitive “send a message” icon to clear “leave a comment” one. Find the one that fits what you want to transmit, and you are done! Other examples are “thumbs up” to like a post or a phone icon to make a call. Whether you need them for your next app or website, they will surely be helpful and handy in many different layouts.

The Contact us icon collection in this set comes in three versions: linear color, flat, and outline. The vector files come in both PNG and SVG formats and are infinitely scalable, also color customizable to fit your project. Enjoy them and like always just hit the green button to download for free!

By Flaticon