More and more often providers of ready-made website templates update their inventories with fit-it-all designs. Compared to common niche-specific solutions, the latter boast more advanced functionality and collections of ready-made options that are intended to be applied to various web projects at a time. With a growing demand of such products, we have decided to take a look at the two most popular multipurpose website templates and compare their functionality. The two WordPress themes that are in the focus of our attention today are Monstroid Squared and Enfold. Is there a pre-designed theme that can be called a true winner in the battle? Let’s find it out.

General Information

Before we get straight to the battle, let us introduce you to the two multipurpose WordPress templates that are in the focus of our attention today. Both of the selected designs are pre-loaded with ready-made page templates, custom skins, and pro-quality customization options, which can be handled by the users of all skill levels hassle-free.



Monstroid 2 Demo | Monstroid 2 Details

Enfold is older than Monstroid Squared. It was released back in 2013, whereas Monstroid Squared saw the light of the day only a couple of months ago. Both themes receive frequent system updates, which allow them to remain relevant to the current web trends.


Enfold Demo | Enfold Details

Monstroid Squared and Enfold have a number of common features, as well as differences. So, let’s compare the two and try to decide what template is more powerful than another.


Both templates run on the fully responsive Bootstrap framework, which makes them adaptive to a variety of screen sizes they are being viewed on. Due to this functionality, Monstroid Squared and Enfold are intended to decrease bounce rates of the sites for which they are used. Taking into account that the number of smartphone and tablet users grows every year, the availability of Bootstrap framework is a great benefit of both themes.
Unlike Enfold, Monstroid Squared is powered with Cherry Framework 5. The latter is a custom development of TemplateMonster Cherry team, which is intended to expand the functionality of ready-made designs with loads of shortcodes and other smart options providing for their seamless customization, as well as installation. Cherry Framework 5 powers all GPL-licensed WordPress themes from TemplateMonster. This makes them applicable to multiple web projects in a row, without the necessity to pay for any additional agreements. Monstroid Squared also features GPL license, which provides webmasters with complete freedom of its use and modification.
Different from Monstroid 2, Enfold is a standalone template. It cannot be used for building other themes. It is intended for website development only.
Winner: Monstroid Squared


As we have already stuck upon the topics of licenses, it’s worth specifying the terms of the usage of both of the themes. As it’s been already mentioned earlier, Monstroid Squared can be used on as many websites as you wish. This is possible due to GPL license.




As per Enfold, the theme is a 100% proprietary. It can be installed on 1 site only. More installations suggest you buying the theme over and over again.
Winner: Monstroid Squared

Child Themes

Each template comes with a selection of child themes. Monstroid Squared is a freshly-released design, so the gallery of child templates is not as abundant as the one that Enfold boasts. At its launch, Monstroid 2 included 9 custom skins suited for multiple business niches. Currently, the theme counts more than 15 designs that are available for free access for everyone who downloads the parent theme. The features of Monstroid 2 child themes are similar to the ones that Monstroid Squared theme boasts.




As per Enfold, the collection of child themes includes 25 ready-made designs for various purposes. All skins are available in wide and boxed styles. Accessible via Enfold admin panel, the number of child themes grows with every next update.

Winner: Enfold

Drag-and-drop functionality

Both of these multipurpose WordPress themes include drag-and-drop page builders, facilitating and enhancing their customization. Monstroid Squared is pre-loaded with Power Page builder. It features a wide selection of content blocks, modules, ready-made layouts, and design elements that can be tweaked while simply dragging and dropping them within an intuitive interface.
Enfold is uploaded with its own drag-and-drop functionality, which features accordions, sliders, buttons, testimonials, and other elements that can be managed with a mouse click.
Winner: draw


A broad selection of plugins and modules is one of the strongest points of Monstroid Squared template. In addition to multiple Cherry modules and plugins, the theme is compatible with the following solutions.




• WooCommerce makes it possible to get started with a fully-featured web store on the basis of Monstroid Squared WordPress theme. Pre-designed pages and layouts are included in the package as well.
• TM WooCommerce Package will come in handy when you decide to transform your WordPress site into a WooCommerce store.
• BuddyPress support lets you establish a mini-social media network on your site.
• bbPress lets you establish a forum on your site, so that your visitors can feel the ease of communicating with co-thinkers without the need to leave your web page.
• MotoPress Menu plugin will be of special use to the owners of cafe and restaurant businesses, looking for a handy option to showcase their dishes with ease.
• MotoPress Schedule will be of use to the sites related to education, sports, medical, and other industries. With its help, people can look through the timetable of events on the site’s pages.
• As the name implies, MotoPress Hotel Booking makes it possible to make quick hotel reservations online.
• Booked Appointment plugin is a handy time management tool.
• By means of TM Events Calendar, you can share upcoming events with your visitors.
• TM Gallery Plugin is suited for a remarkable showcase of creative works and portfolios in a user-friendly manner.
• Cherry Social plugin supports all the major social media networks. With its help, people will feel the ease of spreading the word about their preferred content with a click.
• Cherry Projects plugin is suited for an impressive showcase of your portfolio. Filtering options make it possible for web users to specify what particular type of content is of the greatest interest to them.
• Cherry Timeline reveals Facebook timelines right on your site’s pages.
In a word, all plugins and extensions of Monstroid Squared are custom-made by TemplateMonster WordPress team.
As per Enfold, the theme includes traditional support of WPML plugin and compatibility with the most popular WordPress extensions. Additionally, the theme features:
• WooCommerce support lets you build a web store on its basis.
• Events Calendar and Events Calendar Pro are the third-party extensions pre-loaded in the download package of Enfold.
• BuddyPress and bbPress are not included in the download package, however Enfold is fully compatible with each of them.
As you can see, Enfold includes and supports extensions added to the Monstroid Squared package. The latter is also enhanced with additional functionality custom-made by TemplateMonster team of developers.
Winner: Monstroid Squared

Final Thoughts

Both of these multipurpose WordPress themes are suited for building a rock-solid web presence of literally any web project you can think of. Both of them have sets of common features. However, one of the reviewed templates has a broader selection of plugins and stands out with a powerful framework with GPL license. As you could have already guessed, we are talking about Monstroid Squared.
As per Enfold, it boasts a more diverse collection of child themes. Just like Monstroid 2, it features a handy drag-and-drop page builder and compatibility with the most popular WordPress extensions. Both templates are fully responsive, cross-browser compatible, and SEO-friendly.
We guess one of the biggest prerogatives of Monstroid Squared is the availability of free 24/7 support. Although Enfold features limited support through their own support system, Monstroid 2 owners can reach customer care managers regarding any questions about installation and customization via chat, email or a ticket system.
Wrapping it up, Monstroid Squared multipurpose WordPress theme is a true winner of the battle. And what’s your opinion? Which of these two designs would be more useful to you while working on the creation of your site? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments block below this post.
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