Back to school made easier and more creative with Slidesgo

The academic year just kicked off and many schools and teachers are already fine-tuning educational timetables, materials and programs. Everything seems to indicate that classes given via the Internet, collaborative platforms and digital content will once more play a leading role.

Slidesgo, a platform created by the Malaga-based technology firm Freepik Company that offers Google Slides and PowerPoint templates, is especially designed to help out education professionals, teachers and students, which make up 80% of its users worldwide. It now features new functionalities and templates aimed at facilitating dynamic and simple content creation for the upcoming academic year.

The templates offered by Slidesgo, which can be edited by the user and contain over 1,000 graphic resources, not only allow you to create attractive presentations but also include new formats to adapt these presentations to the most popular topics used by the educational community.

For instance, the Lesson format provides over 250 templates for different subjects (Mathematics, Social Sciences, Art, Foreign Languages, etc.) in addition to also offering you the chance to choose the teaching level: elementary school, middle school, high school and middle and advanced grade vocational training.

Moreover, Slidesgo offers templates to create workshops, homework exercises and — why not — games to ensure students learn while playing. They will be able to create easily and interactively a game based on Jeopardy — the famous  TV quiz show in which participants are given a response and they have to guess what the relevant question is — on the platform with the useful tutorials it incorporates. 

In addition, Slidesgo makes it possible to prepare any kind of presentation like, for instance, to publicize the school on social media, introduce teachers or set up welcome back to school meetings for parents to tell them about how the year’s educational program will be organized. Teaching professionals will also find useful PowerPoint and Google Slides educational templates in Slidesgo that will help them organize their classes, set exam dates, what work or classes they have to prepare for or when they have to hand in their students’ grades.

Searching for templates has also been considerably improved, offering users the possibility of creating Favorite lists, organizing them in folders and with a much quicker download option.


New group subscription model: Slidesgo Teams

Responding to any creative need teachers and/or students may broach is Slidesgo’s main aim, an undertaking for which the platform expanded its template offering by 682% between 2019 and 2020 by delivering an average of 300 new templates a month. 

Thus, along with the Premium subscription model, which allows access to exclusive contents, a license to share presentations in an editable format and the chance of not attributing the record’s origin by mentioning it, Slidesgo also offers a free plan for any registered user which allows them to download ten templates a month.

A third on-demand group subscription option has now been added to these two models, which will allow schools, teachers and students to gain access to all Slidesgo resources through an offering that is fully adapted to their needs.“Slidesgo is an ideal tool for teachers and students, a source of resources for creating attractive dynamic contents to enhance learning in a particularly simple and rapid way. It’s no wonder that 80% of our users belong to the educational sector and that’s why we will carry on innovating by delivering new contents, functionalities and subscription plans which provide a real response to your needs and help you out in your day-to-day activities”, Gladys Villa, Head of Product of Slidesgo.

Slidesgo was conceived in an incubator

Slidesgo was conceived in the Freepik Labs project incubator, which is geared at launching new products. The idea forms part of the company’s philosophy of facing new challenges to provide value to users by making graphic resources and creativity more accessible. More specifically, Slidesgo employs eight in-house art directors and designers in addition to more than fifty freelancers who are responsible for developing templates by following the latest graphic design trends and using the resources of Freepik, Flaticon and Storyset, this industry’s leading tools.