Drawing on a pancake, you really need to know your values and tones, because time is gold while your art is being cooked!

One of his cool projects is this where he gives the classical-looking marble sculptures a modern touch by applying some paint to create tattoo sculptures!

A watercolorist, a fashion illustrator and a sculptor take on this challenge! How will they do outside of their artistic comfort zone with pancake art?

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This sand animation called "You know nothing", features stunning portraits of the actors who play the characters in the series, like Cersei, Jon Snow...

Most people who work with a computer are used to reading these names (serif, sans serif, sans...) on their font list, but what is a sans serif font?

When you think of professional wildlife photography, something about the word "professional" seems to take away the fun of taking funny cat pics...

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Meet Sirisako, one of Freepik's top designers. This Thailand-based designer's profile shows their specialization in business brochure templates!

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