Hey don’t put that crown on my head, I like the dog face instead. A girl said to her friend, while she clicked her picture. With the ability to change faces and multiple stickers, Snapchat has become wildly popular worldwide. The app has given the opportunity to augment the reality.

With the wearables market expanding, spectacles is the first hardware product by Snapchat, oops Snap Inc. Based on the similar image recognition and modifying technology as Snapchat, users can share the augmented images to the app.

The spectacles give a premium feel with the top corners of each lens fitted with circular add-ons. While the right add-on is fitted with a camera to record 115-degree circular videos, the left one gets activated when the video is being recorded.


Snap’s spectacles vs. Google Glass



Google Glass was unveiled in 2013 with the mission of displaying hands-free information. The wearer could communicate with normal voice commands. Google started selling the product publicly from 15th May, 2014, but soon after it received a great deal of criticism and raised privacy concerns.  Drawing comparisons with the Snap Inc. spectacles, let’s look at the difference between the two.

1)    Pricing

While Google Glass was exorbitantly priced at $1500, spectacles are priced at $130 making them more budget friendly. The attainable price makes spectacles attractive enough.

2)     Know when recording takes place

The issue which raised concerns with Google Glass was about privacy. You couldn’t actually tell you were being recorded. With spectacles, the left add-on automatically starts to glow.

3)    A trendy look

Surely Google glass might have looked a lot creepy, but the spectacles look jaw dropping awesome and give a premium feel unlike Google Glass.

4)    Ease of use

Google tried to add apps similar to a smartphone, but due to poor implementation, they ran slowly. They clear audience understanding was lacking, instead of promoting the device for practical uses, Google marketed it as a device for capturing an experience.  

Snapchat is already quite popular among millennials, with the introduction of spectacles, Snap is likely to expand its user base.

5)    User experience

Snapchat has always focused on being an easy to use the app. The spectacles lie in that same stretch. As the spectacles have been designed for a single purpose, Snap is moving in the right direction.


What makes them special?



With Instagram cloning Snapchat’s features, Snap Inc. can leverage spectacles to their advantage.

1)    Fun tool

Unleash your creativity. Record 10 seconds of video from your POV. Your world being streamed live without a pair of hands is surely a great idea.   

2)    Add snaps wirelessly

The snap glasses will automatically transfer your snaps over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth when paired with your device. Glasses have the capacity of holding around 200 snaps.

3)    Ease of capturing

Start quickly by tapping the side of the frames to record. This gives the power to shoot videos with extreme ease and the eye level adds another fantastic perspective.  

4)    Removing the awkwardness

Capture the video without holding the camera, to get a more natural response from the person you are talking with. As the recording is happening at the eye contact level, a person is likely to be less distracted during the conversation as he doesn’t need to face a camera.

5)    Edit Images easily

The images recorded by spectacles will be saved to Snapchat’s memories section, making the addition of filters possible and easy. Users can add stickers to give images a more personalized feel.


The augmented reality space



Snapchat was the first one to deliver augmented reality experience to the people, and with spectacles, they are looking to create the next wave in the AR space. What lies ahead of us is a rapidly growing virtual reality industry. In the not too distant future consumers could find their favorite celeb’s holographic models interacting with them.

Augmented reality is becoming more integrated with every passing decade, from virtual worlds to using camera functionality, it is creating an immersive experience for the users.

How can one forget about the Pokémon Go? The game by Niantic captured everyone’s attention quickly and spread like wildfire.

Creating a more personalized experience for consumers is key and offering a unique experience with the augmented technology is really interesting. With AR better decision making and enhanced visualization is possible.


Snap On



The idea of sharing your adventure is intriguing.  What is like to walk down the ramp or jump off a cliff?

With Snapchat in the driving seat and connected devices becoming a reality, the Spectacles can help you capture the world as well as view others through your eyes. However, overcoming the hindrances which were brought by Google Glass will require Snap Inc.’s skills.