Artist Spotlight: Raewyn Brandon

Who is Raewyn Brandon?

Raewyn Brandon is a graphic designer based in New Zealand specializing in minimal design. With nearly 50,000 followers in Behance, she’s making a mark in the print and layout space here in the graphic design community. Raewyn has a Bachelor of Media Arts and received three academic awards during her time at the university. She received the Media Arts Special Awards – Excellence in Print Design and Excellence in Identity in her 3rd year at the university. She also won Best Student Designer in the international Annual Design Awards for 2012.

After graduating, Raewyn got a job as the Lead Brand & Communications Designer at Behance. According to its official mission statement, “Behance, part of the Adobe family, is the leading online platform to showcase & discover creative work.” Many graphic designers use Behance as a hosting platform to display works from their portfolio.

  • Her Services & Specialties

Branding, Logos, Business Cards, Letterheads, Packaging, Label Design, Print & Publication Design, Magazine Layouts, Book Design, Web Design, Wedding Invitations, Event Design, Art Direction, Presentation Design.

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She’s been featured in

  Identity Suite – Visual Identity in Stationery

  Absolute Stationery Design: Identity & Promotion

  Top Graphic Design Series – Brand

  Top Graphic Design Series – Brochure Layout

  Threaded Magazine – Issue 12

  Brand Design Magazine – Issue 03

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What Exactly Is Minimal Design?

Raewyn proudly proclaims that her passion and skills lie in minimal designs, but what differentiates minimal design from other forms of graphic design? When most people think of minimal design, they think of projects that are mostly empty with as few elements as possible. It’s right to a certain degree, but there’s a little bit more to the story. Minimal design is any design that focuses on the concept of “less is more.” It isn’t the fact that you use as few elements as possible, but instead, you have to make good use of the space you have. The concept of minimal design is more about how items are placed and arranged on the page rather than the specific number of elements included in the design. Minimalist design is a great way to hone those principals of good design. The characteristics of minimal design focus on layout, composition, spatial alignment, and element grouping to create a uniformed and “minimal” look to the overall design. While the concept of minimal design might seem easy, it takes a well versed and seasoned designer to put those elements together in a way that is logical and beautiful. Minimal design isn’t merely, “put less stuff on the page.” There’s a method to it. For example: Throwing three elements on a large, blank canvas with no thought or effort still doesn’t make a great design. No matter how minimal it might look.

Most Popular Projects

The Behance Book of Creative Work: Super-Modified

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  • From the book’s description page:

The first-ever art & design book to source content exclusively from the Behance community, Super-Modified presents a bleeding-edge look at the trends driving today’s most exciting creative work. Custom-curated by the Behance team, the book includes 288 pages of incredible original work spanning graphic design, photography, fashion, architecture, illustration, and much more.

Super-Modified shows us the different ways that every-day material like aluminum and felt are used to make beautiful artwork. You can find recycled art on everything from architecture to community spaces and unique species of furniture. For instance, from discarded aluminum cans to shipping containers; and how the grand, cinematic visions of traditional architecture are finding their way into interior spaces.


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You’ll find a book full of art from the complete spectrum of creative genres. Including: 

  Two hundred eighty-eight pages of some of the most astonishing design and an original work spanning numerous categories.

  A collection of interviews with industry-leading creative and design professionals.

  Exclusive sneak peeks into not only the final art piece but how was the designing process. You get to see how the sausage was made, and it’s incredible.

Being a featured artist in the book is an incredible accomplishment, and shows just how talented Raewyn is. Her designs speak to those who embrace minimalism and appreciate the delicate process of the careful yet beautiful page layout.