An almost 300 year old “Pantone” book of swatches of every existing color to date



Someone, almost 300 years ago, took the time to document every known color and collect them in a nearly 800 page long handwritten book. This author was known just as A. Boogert, and his work has made it to our days intact.


Just like a rudimentary Pantone color classifying and coding system, he presented different shades by mixing the paints and pigments with more and more parts of water, until they were diluted and therefore could be considered as different shades of the same color.


This “Traité des couleurs servant à la peinture à l’eau” (basically, a Pantone chart or cheat sheet for watercolor swatches) is a work of art itself and it demonstrates the importance of color mixtures and palettes from very early on.

 H/t DesignYouTrust