8 Skills a Community Manager Needs to Have for 2020 and Beyond

Social media is all about people and communities. That’s why community managers are so essential for running Facebook groups, Twitter chats, Instagram Stories, and everything in between.

But what is a social media manager the same as a community manager? In some cases, one person can take on both tasks, but in others, each task is the responsibility of a different person or team. It all depends on the size of the company and the scope of social media and community strategies.

Let’s take a look at the eight skills all community managers need to have for 2020 and beyond.

Community Manger Skills

1. Good Social Listening Skills

Social listening is knowing what is being said on social media in regards to a business, keyword, idea, or concept. Finding opportunities to spark a conversation in the community is part of social listening. 

A community manager needs to have excellent social listening skills to know the community better and what they are talking about. 

2. A Creative Outlook

Community managers need to have a creative outlook so that nothing surprises them. There’s always a need to answer questions and continue conversations on social media. The best community managers can tap into the right dose of humor to match the brand they are working with.

Finding just the right tone and communication is critical for a community manager to represent a brand or product. It takes a creative outlook to get a feel for that. 


3. Communication Skills

After mastering social listening and a creative vision, a community manager must have excellent communication skills. They need to be able to communicate the brand message on any social media platform under any circumstances.

It’s not uncommon for customers to get on Twitter and other socials media platforms to both praises or complain about a brand company they are using. It’s the community manager’s job to answer and communicate accordingly.

4. Creative Copywriting Abilities

A huge part of communicating on social media and communities on and offline is to write well. Community managers need to write social media updates, responses to comments, and they need to always be in brand message and perfect grammar. 

But that’s not all; community managers also need to write proposals to get plans and ideas approved. They also need to write reports to show results for their efforts and explain what they’re doing.

5. Practical Organizational Abilities

Managing a community takes organization and planning. There are lots of things to follow up on and be mindful of. “Swinging it” is not the best skill for a community manager, although it can come in handy in certain situations when things don’t happen as expected.

Great organizational tools to keep a community manager on task are social media scheduling tools, social listening tools, planning, and scheduling apps, and maybe some timers or time management software.

6. Data Analysis and Reporting Skills

Gathering data and reporting it all is a necessary skill for a community manager. They need to be able to show results to their bosses and the rest of their team. A community manager needs to know how to read the data and be able to make predictions for the future.

They also need to be able to set short and long term goals for all social media channels. 


7. Teamworking Skills

Rarely does a community manager work alone. They work as part of different teams. A community manager is part of the social media team, but they also work with the content marketing team.

They also work with the branding team to keep all communication on brand at every instance. Having teamwork skills is essential for all community managers since, after all, a community is, in a sense, a team as well.

8. Adaptability

Last but not least, another sill a community manager needs is adaptability. As you know, social media algorithms are always changing, and community managers need to be on top of that. Another reason for adaptability is to learn new things to be able to communicate not only with the community but also with their team.

Adaptability also applies to the way community managers respond to the people who engage on social media channels. You can never know what’s going to happen, and the manager needs to be adaptable to any situation. Also, a community manager is always on the job, so adaptability also applies to their day to day and how that mixes with their work.

Last Thoughts

Are you looking to get into a career in community management? The best way to start is with social media management and brand messaging. Check out how other brands do it, for example, Innocent Drink and IHOP. Both these brands are famous for their community managers and how they handle their brand on social media. 

By Orana Velarde