6 Marketing Presentation Templates Every Marketer Needs to Have

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Marketing presentations are not unlike stories.

They must captivate and enthrall while getting a clear and convincing message across in the most impactful way possible.

From social media strategy and branding to content marketing and newsletters, there are tons of different approaches marketing presentations can have — it all depends on the message and objective.

That said, there are unifying themes that can be applied to all marketing presentations. In this article, we will go through the basic elements of a marketing presentation and present to you six fabulous marketing presentation templates you cannot miss out on.

Elements of a marketing presentation

When giving a marketing presentation, be it to potential investors, your management team, or even your team of marketers, you need to put time and effort into producing a top notch presentation because trust us: Haphazard work will not go unnoticed.

In essence, all marketing presentations should include the following elements:
– Value proposition
– Objectives and goals
– Market analysis
– Clear plan of action
– Branding positioning

There are many formats these elements can come in to create an effective marketing presentation. That includes timelines, concept maps, flow charts, etc.

But exciting as it is to create a marketing presentation from scratch, it can be tricky. This is especially if you don’t have the time and resources for it.

That’s why we’ve dug through our entire stack of marketing presentation templates to present to you six of our absolute favorites!

6 marketing presentation templates for all your business needs

1. Marketing plan

Let’s start off with a basic template: a marketing plan.

This restaurant marketing plan opens with a simple yet elegant cover with a tantalizing image that gets your tummy rumbling.

Restaurant marketing plan - Free Template

There can be no strategy without a chronological plan of action.

This marketing presentation template portrays that very well with a minimalistic timeline created with two to three basic colors and layered descriptions.

Restaurant marketing plan - Free Presentation

As a restaurant marketing plan, this template takes into consideration its theme of gastronomy and incorporates food and marketing in a very creative manner.

If a slice of pizza as a sales funnel doesn’t impress you, use it as a source of inspiration and create your own. The world is your oyster!

Restaurant Marketing Plan - Free Presentation

As with most marketing plans, everything eventually boils down to the budget.

This marketing presentation template’s slide on the budget is simple and no-nonsense. It also comes embedded with well-positioned pictures to keep it visually appealing. All you have to do is swap them out for photos of your own!

Restaurant Marketing Plan - Free Presentation

Though this marketing plan template is catered to restaurants, it can be easily adapted for other marketing plans.

→ Edit this restaurant marketing plan template now!

2. Branding guidelines

Branding is an important part of marketing, which is why this next marketing presentation on branding guidelines is so perfect.

It has all the slides you need to set the tone for your brand — starting with this one on your brand logo.

Pet Shop Presentation

Peach orange or apricot orange? Cotton pink or cherry pink? Confuse no more with the different shades and provide your team with the exact color codes with this slide on color standards.Pet Shop - Free Presentation

Let’s not forget your voice, which reflects the character of your brand. This slide has the perfect balance of icons and text to sufficiently explain the tone your copywriters should adapt in their writing.

Pet Shop - Free presentation

→ Edit this Pet Shop Branding template now!

3. Newsletter

Marketing newsletters are a good way to provide company updates and news.

This tech newsletter template does the job of capturing and maintaining your readers’ attention with its modern and sleek design.

This template introduces a company announcement creatively with a concept map to show the relationship between different elements. In doing so, it manages to go into detail without jumbling up the slide with text and other unnecessary elements.

Tech newsletter - Free Presentation

Sector news should definitely not be missed out in a newsletter. This newsletter template offers two different types of layout for the latest news section of your marketing newsletter template.


tech newsletter free template

It also has a “welcome” section in which it introduces latest team members together with photos (it’s always nice to put a face to a name, after all), their names, and a short bio.

Tech newsletter - Free Template

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4. Social media strategy

If you want to present a social media strategy, look no further. 

This New Year’s Social Media Presentation is well-structured with a mission and vision slide all prepared and laid out for you to edit and use.

Social Media - Free Presentation

It also has slides on audience demographics and buyer persona created with simple icons that you can easily swap out for any others you may need according to your strategy. Social Media - Free TemplateSocial Media - Free Template

Plus a straightforward and fuss-free content sharing calendar for the different social media platforms your company is on!

Social media strategy - Free Template

→ Edit this New Year’s Social Media Plan template now!

5. Marketing campaign

This next marketing template is ideal for any marketing campaign presentation. 

Right off the bat, it hits you with vibrant colors and graphics to hook you in.

As with any marketing campaign or strategy, milestones are extremely important as they help to set clear actions to follow to ensure you’re going down the right path. That’s done with this integrated slide you can edit to place your own campaign milestones and a short description.

Marketing campaign - Free Presentation

Let’s not forget reach, one of the most important metrics to track for all marketing campaigns. Simply swap out the map for a continental or regional one as per your target market(s).

Marketing campaign free presentation

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6. Agency

If you’re looking for a marketing presentation to promote your agency, pay attention to this next presentation.

It’s meant for a travel agency and is scattered with wanderlust photos to stimulate the viewer’s want to travel and explore. 

Travel agency - free presentation

What do you have over your competitor? That’s where this next slide on value proposition comes in.

Travel agency - Free presentation

And here’s the core of your agency: your services. This slide on services integrates icons, geometric shapes, and clean text to communicate to your audience the services your agency offers.

Travel agency - Free Presentation

Services aside, you’ll also need hard figures to highlight your achievements. This marketing template does a wonderful job with large visible numbers that demands attention and colorful images for an extra kick.

Travel agency - Free presentation

→ Edit this Travel PR & Communication Agency template now!

If you prefer to give it a go and create your own marketing presentation, check out our PowerPoint and Google Slides tutorials to get tips on creating effective marketing presentations!



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