5 Tips to Fall in Love with Your Creations

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Although it’s almost Christmas for the rest of the world, at Freepik‘s and Flaticon‘s we’re already planning ahead our resources for Valentine’s Day. We have two months left until this day arrives, which means it’s time to start creating and uploading your V Day resources!

You can create almost anything to celebrate love, from backgrounds and banners to menu templates, portraits, mockups, and even icon packs. Below we share with you 5 tips on Valentine’s resources so you can get ideas to express love through your resources. Have a look at them and use these tips as inspiration for your creations. 

Don’t forget that originality and uniqueness are always a must, so give your content a personal touch and spread love around the world with unique resources! Also, remember that if you upload quality content, it’s likely to be included in Freepik’s collections and your visibility will increase!

Tip 1: Color palette

When it comes to Valentine’s Day resources, pink and red play the leading role. These colors are traditionally associated with love and romantic gestures, and they add sweetness to any composition. Whether you work with designs, PSD files, photos or icons, make sure your creations include these shades! Here are some inspiring resources featuring pink and red: 

vector valentines day love

valentines flyer psd

valentines photo

icon pack valentines


Tip 2: Style

There is a wide range of styles you can choose from to create resources that speak about love. Among the styles that will set a trend in 2020, realistic backgrounds, bokeh effect or paper collage are becoming quite popular. Apart from these, cute designs are also a winning choice to express love (like cute animals or characters).

mockup valentines day

bokeh background valentine's day

realistic background valentine's day

Tip 3: Elements

Some elements are recurrent on Valentine’s Day. Try to include these elements in your creations and, this way, users will be able to relate your resources to this day. Some of the most common elements that represent love are couples, hearts, roses, chocolates, letters, holding hands, presents and even cute animals. No matter the resource type you work with, all of them are versatile and can be applied to designs, photos, PSD files, and icon packs!

photo couple kissing and holding heart

vector element collection valentine's day

scene creator valentine's day

icon pack valentine's day

Tip 4: Type font

We can’t think of a better way to send a love message than with romantic letteringsUsers love letterings because of their versatility, as they can use them in cards or for printing purposes. Also, apart from letterings, we recommend you work with script typefaces as they tend to be cuter and a better option for love resources.

lettering valentine's day

lettering valentine's day
Tip 5: Composition

When it comes to Valentine’s designs, framed illustrations are quite attractive. Especially those framed in a heart. You can combine it with a paper collage style to add depth to the composition and get an original illustration. If you are working with photos, mockups or templates, you can also frame your images with hearts.

vector framed composition

photo framed composition

psd framed composition

Do you already feel the love? Because we do! These are just a few tips you can take into account when creating your V Day resources. However, remember that there are many different types of resources and that you can apply these ideas to any file type. Opt for unique creations that stand out and set the difference.

And remember: start uploading your content now so it can be reviewed and published on time for Valentine’s Day and you can boost your downloads. Also, have a look at our reasons for rejections if you want to prevent your resources from being rejected.

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