5 Practical Tips for Mastering Black Friday Designs

By Freepik 2 weeks ago

Black Friday is the most expected day of the year by businesses and shoppers. Everyone gets benefits: shoppers get discounts from businesses and the latter gain money. What you may not know is that, as a Freepik contributor, you also get benefits.

Millions of users download resources from Freepik to advertise their Black Friday sales. This means that your content is likely to be downloaded during the weeks before this day.

So, if you haven’t uploaded your Black Friday resources yet, what are you waiting for? Below we share with you 5 practical tips that will help you optimize your resources and get more downloads. 

1. Color Palette

When it comes to Black Friday resources, black is the predominant color (as its name indicates). So, you must include this color on your designs. It’s usually paired with other colors such as red, yellow, or gold. The hues may vary, but these are the main ones. Users tend to identify these color combinations with Black Friday, so they’ll know the concept of your content straightaway. 

Here are some examples of designs using these colors:

black friday banner

black friday elegant


2. Composition

Black Friday compositions are usually symmetrical and include framed texts. Framing the text serves as a visual support and it leads the attention directly to what you want to emphasize. Keep the composition clear for successful communication.

black friday composition

black friday composition


3. Type Font

Sans serif fonts have proved to work quite well in Black Friday resources. They communicate the message effectively, are clearer and readable.

Bear in mind that Black Friday designs are intended for sales, that’s why legible fonts are preferred in this case.

black friday font

black friday font sans serif design


4. Message

Your message must be clear, concise, and direct. Retailers and businesses want to sell on Black Friday, so try to offer them what they look for.

The message must be hierarchically organized. Focus on the main idea, which is Black Friday, and make it the center of your composition. The reason is obvious: Black Friday converts. You can also emphasize the fact it’s a limited offer that only lasts one day.

black friday design

black friday design message


5. Keep it simple

Avoid adding too many details. A lot of information may break the communication. Opt for simplicity and arrange the elements clearly.

Black Friday resources aim to convince users, so you want to make sure the message is crystal clear.

black friday simple design

black friday simple design


Go original

These are the basics of Black Friday resources you must keep in mind when working on your designs.

However, you can always add an authentic touch and create outstanding resources that differ from the rest. Explore different effects (neon, lights, watercolor stains, etc.) and apply them to your vectors to create unique content:

black friday neon design

black friday neon background

black friday design watercolor stain

Instagram templates are quite demanded nowadays, have a look at this example:

black friday instagram template

Follow these tips, upload Black Friday content now and get ready to boost your downloads! Remember that you need to upload your designs in advance so our team can review them. Being clear, concise and communicating information clearly is essential for mastering your Black Friday designs.

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