Talent, Power, and Creativity: 5 Designers to Feel Inspired

Design is the core of Freepik Company. It’s what has made everything possible and how we interact with the world. That’s why International Design Day is also a special date for us to celebrate.

The company is formed by many skilled and inspiring designers, each with different talents and creative aptitudes, making the Design team diverse and multifaceted.

We want you to discover more about who’s behind the creative minds of the company. Today, you can meet 5 empowering designers, dive into their creations and what inspires them. We promise they are amazing!

Eva Gómez

Eva is an Art Director at Freepik Company. Art-directing has taught her a lot, she recognizes, but her personal style is different from what she does for a living.

Eva’s work is characterized by beautiful minimal illustrations, where colors and the absence of facial features play a leading role.

“I consider myself an observer. I enjoy the process of capturing the essence of a person by using just a few features and playing around with colors”.

It’s outstanding how she manages to create recognizable portraits with only a few elements. It’s easy for us to recognize them since most of her characters come from music and movies, which is what inspires her the most.

Her illustrations are packed to the rafters with character, elegance, and charm. But, at the same time, they are surrounded by a mysterious aura that leaves us wanting for more.

With more than 7 years of experience in the design field, she has a distinctive style that can be seen in her illustrations, in her personal style, and in the new products she creates.

“To me, design is a powerful tool. I use it to express myself and how I understand concepts. However, in the past few years, design has become the way to support a cause or give visibility to a particular topic, especially on social media”.

Of course, if you want to discover more (and why wouldn’t you), you can follow her on Instagram and Behance.

Irene Mira

Irene is an Industrial Design Engineer who decided to follow her passion and become a designer. She’s a Graphic Designer at Freepik, which has allowed her to work in different projects and design styles. However, when she turns off the computer after work, Irene switches from graphic design to illustration, which is her favorite thing in the world.

“People say that my style is easily recognizable, but I can’t see that. I like experimenting and trying new techniques all the time”.

And we understand why: her portfolio combines different concepts, textures, and colors.

Irene’s infectious and cheerful personality is reflected in her illustrations, featured by joyful and fun — even childish— characters. Her designs’ playfulness goes hand in hand with the creation process: “When drawing a new character, I like to think about their personality, what would they say? How would they move? It’s like they are alive and I have a lot of fun in the process”.

Part of her illustrations are rooted in her fascination with glasses —the weirder, the better— and cartoon animation, like Phineas and Ferb, or Adventures Time.

On Irene’s profile, atoleriadeirene, you will find a combo of imaginative characters and life experiences, making it diverse and amusing.

Isabel Martínez

With more than 12 years of experience in design, Isabel has evolved into a multifaceted artist. She’s an Art Director at Freepik Company, draws, illustrates, and creates amusing 3D worlds.

Her profile, ismartinezis, is full of colorful and fun 3D renderings, where she navigates different characters and concepts.

“I’d say my style is experimenting. I love adapting to other styles and trying new things”.

3D rendering requires skill and attention to detail. There’s a lot of work behind each piece, which can be appreciated in how she applies the shadows, volumes, and colors.

Isabel’s designs, though, aren’t just a recreation of 3D environments. For her, creating 3D designs is the closest thing to handcrafting, hand-made mockups, or sculptures—but digitally. “The best part is that they take up less space at home!” she confesses.

As a part of her always-trying-new-things personality, Isabel has proven that any design can be created in 3D style. She’s a huge fan of the “Draw this in your style” movement, which helps her clear her mind and get inspiration.

That’s one of the most exciting things about design, it helps you see things from different perspectives, and Isabel knows it!

Miriam Jordán

It’s been 10 years since Miriam first started in the illustration field. Since then, she has taken her work to the next level creating beautiful compositions with powerful meanings and traditional hand-drawn aesthetics. Miriam joined Freepik Company 5 years ago and is a senior Art Director, a position that she loves and from what she learns every day.

By looking at her work, you will immediately see a clear preference for female characters.

“I find inspiration in the women around me: my friends, colleagues, and family. It’s their strength, their humor, fashion style, and our conversations that inspire me. They are all so different and goddesses! Besides that, my designs are also highly influenced by music”.

Miriam describes her work as burlesque: adult-oriented illustrations, sometimes elegant, playful, inclusive, and activist. Drawn with a loose and organic stroke, her illustrations go beyond mere female portraits.

She believes that people are complex and that we all have different feelings and thoughts, which she frequently brings up in her illustrations. “We can be both strong and determined, and vulnerable and sweet at the same time”.

Be it her strong and perfectly imperfect women or the sweetness that emanates from them, there’s something about Miriam’s work that fascinates us. We invite you to dive into her fantastic work here: Instagram, Behance

Silvia Watercolor

Based in Málaga, the Canarian Islander, Silvia, combines her work as an Art Director with her many other passions: art street, graphic design, and illustration. You can discover all of them on her Instagram and Behance profiles.

Artistically known as Silvia Watercolor, she explains how she became obsessed with watercolor at the beginning of her career and how she’s gradually moved towards evocative illustrations and impressive mural designs.

“I never thought I’d be able to bring my designs to a bigger scale. But here I am, mainly thanks to the support of a Street Art artist and friend of mine”.

With a clear personal style, Silvia has a preference for female characters and simple and organic compositions. She also declares herself addicted to creativity: art awakes her emotions and wants others to feel the same.

“People usually tell me that the women I create convey some sort of melancholy. But what I really try to convey is the peace and tranquility that illustration makes me feel”.

Silvia Watercolor also shares a beautiful metaphor about design, which is perfect to close this post filled with talent:

“What is design? Let’s imagine a lamp: the light is the message, the cable transports the message, and the lamp is the design itself. If the lamp is good, it’ll illuminate the room with soft and warm light, just in the perfect amount. And the more beautiful that lamp is, the more you will enjoy that light, even when it’s off. “

In other words (cheesy moment alert!), design lightens up worlds, uncovering what was previously hidden in the dark. Happy International Design Day! ❤️