5 Best Halloween Templates

By Slidesgo 2 weeks ago

With October 31 just around the corner, chances are you’ve started to source for Halloween templates.

After all, what better way to celebrate the annual, candy-filled affair than with a presentation about everything the day is and stands for?

Whether you’re looking to educate children about what the occasion is all about or are just searching for a deck based on its theme to jazz up your slideshow for entertainment purposes, you’ve come to the right place.

In this post, we have for you five of the best (and not to mention free) Halloween templates you can use for all your design needs!

1. Halloween Decorations for Pre-K

The very first one we have for you is our Halloween Decorations for Pre-K template.

As its name suggests, this is a deck especially aimed at kids.

The Halloween background on its cover also shows it all. Aside from the big, full moon illuminating a graveyard, there’s also an adorable illustration of three kids, all dressed up and ready to go trick-or-treating.

We’ve kept them as a recurring theme. So as you scroll through, you’ll see them reappearing throughout against the purple-themed backdrop and barren tree branches to complete the look.

The cartoon illustrations and fun colors make it the perfect template for pre-k or kindergarten classes as they do the job of getting and maintaining students’ attention. For this same reason, it’s also ideal for brands whose target audience falls within this age group.

This deck also comes equipped with easy-to-customize visual aids like charts, tables, and timelines to better help your viewers understand and digest the information on it.

These are very useful for data presentation purposes, which are, more often than not, needed at schools.

You may also have noticed the consistency in not just the purple but also the bright shade of orange used, which provides a wonderful contrast.

Plus, these are typical Halloween colors, which are sure to set your audience in the right mood!

2. Día de Muertos Stickers

If instead of Halloween, you celebrate Día de Muertos, we have the perfect design for you.

The Mexican festival translates to “Day of the Dead” and is marked two days later on November 2.

Instead of having to adapt existing Halloween templates, all you have to do is simply get cracking with this ready-to-use, multi-purpose Día de Muertos Stickers deck that we’ve specially created for the occasion.

The festival is famous for its colorful nature, which we’ve kept true to by applying bright and vibrant shades to the deck.

This is seen in the many different elements used including titles, text body, illustrations, and icons.

As a day that commemorates the dead, the skull, also famously known as a Catrina, is one of the most recognizable elements of día de muertos.

From figurines and posters to the makeup of merrymakers, it appears everywhere during the holiday and is an important symbol of Mexico.

That said, how can we possibly not include them? And alongside the classic Mexican sombrero, too!

3. Cute Halloween

If you’re looking for something with a lighter and more endearing touch, then this Cute Halloween template is the right one for you.

The pastel colors provide a soothing and calm mood, coupled with a gentle pink background that contrasts well against the darker pink, purple, and black used in the rest of the slide.

The illustrations are light and appealing, which are sure to spark joy and positivity in your viewers.

They are also extremely characteristic of Halloween and the layout of each slide makes it very easy to customize however you wish.

Take, for example, this one below that features a smiling, happy vampire.

Using it as the protagonist and focal point, the text boxes around it can be adapted such that it’s an infographic on how to dress for Halloween.

Or, they could even be as simple and straightforward as four separate and standalone points.

The options are endless, all you have to do is unleash your creativity!

4. Dark Magic

Our next Halloween template, Dark Magic, takes on an eerier spin.

It features a black Halloween background, represented by the distinctive, hand-drawn sketches of the festival’s primary symbols such as carved pumpkins, candles, ghostly houses, flying bats, and more.

The darker nature of this Halloween template means there are fewer colors.

For a distinguishable contrast, white and neon green are used for the content and to highlight text and/or specific aspects.

This is done across various pages, including the percentage bars on this one below.

Your eyes immediately pivot to the cool and bright green applied. Even though the numbers are enough to make a point, the added touch illustrated by the bars makes the figures much more eye-catching and easier to understand.

And to ensure the design is aligned with the theme, we’ve added icons like sketches of stars and moons in the background to represent the night sky, which is typically when Halloween festivities begin.

5. Spooky Halloween

Want to give your audience an even more unique viewing experience? Then check out our Spooky Halloween template.

We’ve included animations in it, which adds a new level of “spook.”.

Some of the illustrations in this deck move a touch—just enough to strike the right balance between cool and creepy.

Keeping in line with Halloween, we’ve used the Jolly Lodger font to bring out the chilling, Halloween-y mood.

Donning a dark yellow, it complements the dark blue setting extremely well and makes the text jump out.

The best part about all of these designs is that they’re completely customizable. As with all of Slidesgo’s free presentation templates, you’ll find tons of extra resources and information about colors and styles used at the end of the deck.

By Slidesgo