10+ Instagram Accounts You Should Follow for Your Daily Dose of Inspiration

By Orana Velarde 3 months ago

Instagram has been a great source of inspiration for creatives in all fields. We can spend hours seeing one artistic creation after another and double clicking for hearts. We’ve put together a short list of creative Instagram accounts to get you inspired today.


Freepik Photography


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Photography plays a very important role at Freepik. We’ve created a special Instagram account Freepik Photography where you can find the collection of carefully-picked high-quality photos.


Leta Sobierajski


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The Edo-Tokyo Open Air Architectural Museum (江戸東京たてもの園, Edo Tōkyō Tatemono-en) is an open air museum which exhibits a range of historic buildings from the Tokyo area. The buildings were relocated/reconstructed here in order to preserve a chapter of architectural history which has been almost completely lost in fires, earthquakes, wars and city redevelopment. Originally, @wadejeffree and I set out to visit a different open air museum but hey, a wrong turn turned into a delightful day and yesterday’s detour became a beautiful and wonderfully informative experience. This bathhouse called “kodakara-yu” was relocated from Senju-motomachi and built in 1929. Inside it is split into two sides, distinguishing male and female. Each side includes one half of a miraculous hand-painted mural of Mt. Fuji and it’s surrounding landscape, as well as many small hand-painted advertisements ranging from hat and shoe sellers to food and grocery, which you can see behind me.

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Leta is an art director and graphic designer. Her Instagram account is infused with her artistic lifestyle shared with her partner @wadejeffree. Her posts are colourful and vibrant and the descriptions are honest and personal. She posts about her work and also about things that inspire her.


Neil Stevens

Neil is a graphic designer and extremely talented illustrator. His use of clean even colours is astounding. He shares photos from his published work, the prints he sells on his website CrayonFireShop. He also shares beautiful shots of his notebook pages.


Tyler Spangler


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40% off prints with code: GIFTART 🌈 society6.com/tylerspangler

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Tyler’s art is unique, colourful and reminiscent of vintage style designs. He is a self-proclaimed “Psych grad & Art Center dropout” with a special knack for quirky creations. He has high-class clients like Hermes, Chanel, and Volcom and sells his prints on Society 6.


David Doran

David is an artist and illustrator with a personal style. You’ve probably seen his illustrations on visuals for brands like Nespresso, Apple, and Facebook. He sells his prints online and his Instagram account is a platform to show his latest personal work. His stories show his professional projects.


Tom Haugomat


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Still working on my September show with @galerierobillard #illustration #painting #acrilycmarkers #atravers #throughalife

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Tom is a European illustrator with a wonderful use of empty space and situation. His Instagram account showcases his hand-drawn illustrations which are then turned into prints and postcards. He sells books with this illustrations and has gallery showings. His Instagram is a direct view of his art and events.


Jessica V. Walsh

Jessica is the co-founder of a creative agency and design studio in New York City. She is also the founder of Ladies, Wine, Design, an international association for women designers around the world. Her Instagram account shows fun photo shoots with a great storytelling angle and lots of powerful colour schemes.


Daniel Aristizabal

Daniel is a creative artist who makes short animated videos and surreal photography full of colour and a special twist. He works for marketing agencies creating special content in his unique style. This Instagram account inspires to create designs in a personal way with clean and perfect details.


Hey Studio


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Our monograph book by @counterprintbooks 💫 back to 2012 #heystudio

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Hey, Studio is a graphic design studio in Barcelona, Spain. The Instagram posts showcase their work for clients and shots from their offices. They use bold colours and shapes with a clean modernist style.


Design Milk


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We’re all smiles looking at this rainbow colored tree from @treetopia over on @designmilkeveryday!

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Design Milk is a curation of modern design. It’s a magazine which showcases all that’s new in art, architecture, interior design, furniture, decor, fashion, and technology. Follow the Design Milk Instagram account for a daily dose of design inspiration in all fields.




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“The true artist helps the world by revealing mystic truths.” … For more than 50 years, #BruceNauman has interrogated structures of power, questioned accepted values such as “good” and “bad,” and left his work open to multiple, often conflicting understandings. Don’t miss this singular opportunity to experience his tremendous body of work, presented across both MoMA and @MoMAPS1. “Bruce Nauman: Disappearing Acts” opens October 21. Members see it first starting tomorrow, October 17. mo.ma/brucenauman … [Details: Bruce Nauman. “The True Artist Helps the World by Revealing Mystic Truths (Window or Wall Sign).” 1967. Neon tubing with clear-glass-tubing suspension frame, living template. Collection the artist. © 2018 Bruce Nauman/Artists Rights Society (ARS), New York.]

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The Museum of Modern Art has always been a source of inspiration for New Yorkers and creatives around the world. The Instagram account is full of shots of current exhibitions and other pieces of art from the artist community. It’s never a dull moment with MoMa.




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From the series ‘Bloom’ by @schuleithaber.

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Ignant is a creative online magazine which curates art, fashion, architecture, and photography from around the world. Following Ignant is a daily dose of visual inspiration fit for any creative at any time of day.


Visual Snack


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🔵 by [ @gerri.sy ]

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Visual Snack is a curated collection of talented illustrators. The posts are organized by colour regardless of the artist. A gradient from one colour to another is seamlessly displayed with a unique delicacy. This profile is best seen all at once, every single post is unique and beautiful.


Phroom Magazine

Phroom Magazine is a research platform dedicated to fine art photography and video art. The Instagram account shows clips from the features on the websites. Artists can submit their work for features.




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Picking the right one by @artern.design #dribbble #dribbblers #illustration #design

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Dribbble is a recognized community of artists which spans the globe. Mostly related to illustration and graphic design, Dribble is a show and tell for designers. The Instagram account showcases the best work found in the online community.




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Photographer @isnovikov captures moments in the Republic of Karelia – Link in Profile. #behance #photography

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Behance is the ultimate creative showcase for designers of all styles; graphic designers, illustrators, branding strategists, fashion designers and more. The Instagram account is a showcase of the best art found in the online community.


By Orana Velarde