She wanted to reflect her newfound happiness, after quitting several jobs until she found the one.

Her works are so unique, perfect, colorful and vibrant that you might think that they are a work of Photoshop edition.

For example, most of the logotypes analyzed were minimal, which allows for scaling without losing impact.

The Googly Eyes Foundation offers to facilitate googly eyes to anyone willing to decorate our common spaces with funny faces that spark a smile in the face of passers-by.

Owen has even requested the help of scientists to make sure that every element and connection was as anatomically accurate as possible.

As her Instagram profile bio states, make up is art, and her style demonstrates a very unique and complex set of skills that she has acquired over the years!

Her original designs are very special, because she sort of recreates brush strokes by quilling and folding little pieces of polymer clay to "paint" her creations.

Even if this short film might come across a bit corny in the beginning, the truth is that it will inspire you to get out and create as much as you can!

The ephemeral nature of their work, accompanied by the fact that it can't be displayed in an art show or gallery, doesn't help the artists get their deserved recognition!

Tattoo parlors aren't a rare sighting nowadays, since you can find them easily with a quick search on Google. But what about in the 1800s?

Whether you believe if your character and personality are actually determined by the day you were born or not, zodiac signs are a source of inspiration for artists because of the mystic aura that surrounds the subject.

You can use these cool graphics to enhance the appearance of a blog post or a paper, and they will implement more utilities in the future.