Fear of appearing indecisive, of not being able to sustain oneself and feeling scared of failure are some of the obstacles that have to be overcome in these cases.

After trying normal canvas, she began painting on bags, and particularly, luxurious designer hand bags with acrylics for leather.

Just like an Inktober or Nanowrimo challenge, the fact that you are supposed to work a bit on your abilities every day might spark your creativity! :)

This is one of many ways in which people surprise us combining two passions that, apparently, have little to do one with another!

Phobias are to be taken seriously, but although these awesome gifs sprinkles a bit of humor on them, they also raise awareness about them!

Always in the shadows, creatives, designers, artists and photographers are people who have jobs that are crucial in today's world as we know it :)

The 2017 festival design features red, gold and silver in an intricate design that will surely capture everyone's attention.

He really made the most out of these lectures, and maybe he will inspire you to do the same next time you have to sit for a long speech :)

Vesna Rikic is a very creative artist who came across an origami book when she was little, something that inspired a love for paper in her.

They have recreated the opening credits using actual Eggo waffles, which is quite hilarious even if it does still give you the chills with that super intriguing music.

Pinterest will link the world of design and the image board app, allowing shopping for products or finding more similar inspiration, just like Shazam does with music!

For the last couple of years they have tried to make art and art history more fun and attractive to a bigger audience, so they built a social media community!