Her cousin asked her to draw a recipe step by step to learn how to cook a pastry. After finishing her drawing, she realized that it could be turned into a project!

Jesseca Dollano wanted to do something different than just drawing the letters and numbers, and she included some animations to make it a bit more interesting.

Maybe you won't find the most practical apps here (one of them just focuses on coffee!) but they are surely beautiful.

They look delicious but your brain will be confused, because actually biting onto a piece of yarn mustn't be the nicest sensation ever...

Although we were always led to believe that symmetry meant perfection, it's obvious that it isn't always true! What do you think about it?

She doesn't only do landscapes, but also some of the most famous works of art of all times, like Van Gogh paintings.

Each piece makes you wonder how he came up with some of these awesome ideas. Just make sure that you don't step on any of these pieces accidentally!

The posters are really beautiful, their designs bursting with color and futuristic elements that portray worlds like the ones that the Sci-Fi genre already imagined.

Her work is principally inspired by nature, and it shows by the colors that she uses in her creations. Some of these dragons even have little mushrooms on their backs!

Not only have they baked unicorn macarons, but also Pokémon, Harry Potter, reindeers, snowmen... Everything is possible at the Mac Lab!

The beautiful work of these photographers speaks for itself, and the lack of color makes them even more striking.