And here you have the crown jewels of this month's tutorials!

Tutpad · 2 months ago

Instead of following a series of measures and quantities of ingredients, you just place the ingredients on the sheet of paper and follow the steps.

If you take a look at these gorgeous photos, you might want to pick up a copy of his cooking book really soon! :)

"Gijinka" is a Japanese term used in the artist community to indicate when someone draws the human form of an animal, object or imaginary being!

Using food coloring and using the white foam of fresh coffee as a canvas, he creates beautiful pictures.

Stuck in an infinite loop, we have a forever rolling sausage, a banana that can't stand up straight, and a bee that flies through a field indefinitely.

Yujia makes incredible renditions of these using sushi ingredients: rice, nori, fish and vegetables that are great for adding some color!

Flowers, pearls and lace decorate these beautiful creations, and the best thing about them is that you can actually have dessert while admiring their beauty!

After seeing a few of her pieces you might start craving some food: hopefully, not made of threads!

Sarah has chosen to sculpt her way through the alphabet by carving 3D letters in all sorts of yummy fruits and vegetables!

She makes crowns out of food that she likes: she has already worn a pizza crown, a matcha cookie & sesame cracker crown, and of course, a headpiece made with donuts.