In her collection there are kangaroos, koalas, and other animals like sea turtles and owls, including an echidna!

After seeing a few of her pieces you might start craving some food: hopefully, not made of threads!

The beautiful scenery and landscape paintings by him could be easily mistaken for photographs. His students will surely learn a lot from him! :)

She shares with us a part of the disorder that is invisible to our eyes, and we can't even imagine how terrifying it must actually feel.

Sometimes, she even paints some of these pieces for her friends and has them also pose for the picture!

If you find yourself cringing easily, I advise you not to keep scrolling and run while you can!

Thanks to sites such as Colour Lovers, she browses through the palettes, scrolling until she finds one that gets her creativity working.

Her project plays with the idea of how would have Van Gogh seen some of pop culture's most iconic characters and series: Harry Potter, Totoro and the Golden Gate bridge!

Sarah has chosen to sculpt her way through the alphabet by carving 3D letters in all sorts of yummy fruits and vegetables!

It is always better to see a beautiful and creative drawing instead of some insults aimed at the forgetful owner of the car!

Her digital paintings are incredibly well made, but she also uses traditional media from time to time!

"Can you please draw a little narwhal in the sky with a little hat, at night, while it rains? I think he's not too sad, but not real happy either".