As a result, he has ended up with a whole collection of hilarious photos of inanimate objects with eyes, which look as if they were saying something to us.

If you aren't very experienced with chopsticks, you can use these to have your own mindfulness experiment instead! :)

The poses that he chooses for his illustrations say enough: you can tell that they are true heroes as they are, even without a face! :O

Her so called Unicorn Toasts have all of the colors, sprinkles and perfect gradients with pastel, fairy-like hues. Too beautiful to eat them!

He mostly works on portraying buildings that are about to be demolished, paying attention to every aspect of urban life that they reflect.

He wanted to study three kinds of bird that are native to Mexico: the toucan, the hummingbird and the Mexican quetzal, and they look incredible!

It seems like grownups really welcomed this idea, because the original crowdfunding goal was $8,000 and they raised over $375,000!

Against the white background, rich color and ultra-fine lines compose these beautiful stores, which always remind her of her childhood errands.

Being a human is awkward most of the time, and these hilarious comic illustrations by Planet Prudence will prove that to anyone! :)

Punday is a collection of photographs of real objects representing a series of word puns: Soda Pressing, Foreshadow and J-Peg are some of the cleverest ones! :)

These "literally delicious" teas come with names such as 'Pride and Peppermint' or 'War and Peach'. Perfect for book and tea lovers!

He transforms the blue or grey skies into all of the hues of cotton candy in the world, he plays with colors while maintaining unaltered geometry!