In her collection there are kangaroos, koalas, and other animals like sea turtles and owls, including an echidna!

It is always better to see a beautiful and creative drawing instead of some insults aimed at the forgetful owner of the car!

Maru holds the Guinness Record for "the most watched animal on Youtube", and that might be related to his love of playing with cardboard boxes.

Creating foam sculptures of bears, cats, characters (like Snoopy and Totoro) and all sort of beautiful animals, he decorates the cups of his clients every day.

Cheeto is up for any kind of wig or prop that Hugo places on her head, and happily poses for the photos that he later on uploads to Instagram :)

In his series Lepidoptera Obscura, he combined pencils, watercolor and animation to create something really amazing.

Of course they couldn't forget about Garfield, Felix the Cat and Hobbes from Calvin and Hobbes, and the ever mysterious Schrodinger's Cat! :)

Khiterer finds these signs and their uniqueness really interesting, which is why he decided to go out and take these stunning photographs of cats in his hometown.

He wanted to study three kinds of bird that are native to Mexico: the toucan, the hummingbird and the Mexican quetzal, and they look incredible!

They are actually called "Monilaria obconica", and they grow into beautiful interior plants featuring these rabbit ear structures. They are eye-catching for sure!

With shoes and handbags it works okay… But take a look at the hilarious cat renders that users from all over the world are creating!

Just like an Inktober or Nanowrimo challenge, the fact that you are supposed to work a bit on your abilities every day might spark your creativity! :)