Their shop is called Katyushka Art Dolls, and they seem to gather a lot of inspiration from sea animals and every living creature in the ocean, even the imaginary ones!

Pokémon have been getting weirder and weirder with every generation, but coming up with over 700 different magical monsters is a really hard task.

The owners tell her the story of their pets before she paints the dogs in clothes that represent those personalities.

Her art gives off a sense of peace and stillness, but you can see how alive these stones become after going under her magic skills.

Stuck in an infinite loop, we have a forever rolling sausage, a banana that can't stand up straight, and a bee that flies through a field indefinitely.

If you thought selfies were only limited to humans and some animals who have made into the news for taking self-portraits, Murray wants to -sort of- prove you wrong.

In her collection there are kangaroos, koalas, and other animals like sea turtles and owls, including an echidna!

It is always better to see a beautiful and creative drawing instead of some insults aimed at the forgetful owner of the car!

Maru holds the Guinness Record for "the most watched animal on Youtube", and that might be related to his love of playing with cardboard boxes.

Creating foam sculptures of bears, cats, characters (like Snoopy and Totoro) and all sort of beautiful animals, he decorates the cups of his clients every day.

Cheeto is up for any kind of wig or prop that Hugo places on her head, and happily poses for the photos that he later on uploads to Instagram :)

In his series Lepidoptera Obscura, he combined pencils, watercolor and animation to create something really amazing.