Hans Jenssen has spent his career exploring and drawing the insides of machines. And yes, this includes Star Wars’ Millennium Falcon!

In this tutorial we’ll create a funny flat-style cat with the help of basic shapes and useful functions of Adobe Illustrator.

It’s the 20th anniversary of The Webby Awards, and the Ogilvy NY team brings us a browser app with which you can personalize a font by using your voice.

Next time you go near a road and see those letters and numbers on the pavement you won't be able to stop thinking about this!

There are so many myths about health and exercise that it would be a big surprise if someone went through these facts and didn't learn something new.

Baboons stealing toilet paper: do scientists tell you about this? Yes, but illustrator Jim Jourdane has made sure these #FieldWorkFail don't go unnoticed.

In this graphic design tutorial you will learn how to customize an existing typography with colors, patterns and blending modes.

Freepik · 1 year ago
Biancoshock, a Milan-based artist, has been working to turn abandoned manholes into tiny art installations by decorating them in order to simulate the rooms of a house. His project, named Borderlife, is actually a way of protesting and complaining about the situation of many people who live in extreme conditions, some of them having to […]

Artist Caisa Nilaseca has approached these terms that designers use every day in a very literal way

Colordot, the app that allows you to create your own personalized color palettes by using the colors that inspire you in real life, at any given moment

Thanks to Lafratta’s fun project you can see Mario and Wario wearing fancy superhero attire instead of their usual plumbing uniforms.

This machine allows you to print pancakes with your own designs, using a SD card and lots of pancake mix. Wouldn’t you love to have pancakes with Freepik’s logo on them? Say yes to pancakes! :)