If you are a dog fan, you will find most of these quotes relatable. Are really pugs descendants of wolves?

Foreign visitors in Japan aren’t really familiar with this, but many people are allergic to soba, a traditional Japanese dish. These tattoos designed with the help of a dermatologist help identify allergic subjects. Find out how!

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With this lamp you will be able to enjoy the moonlight in your bedroom. MOON makes an excellent treat for astronomy lovers.

This illustrator has combined two passions: art and cookie baking. You can get a taste of Holly Fox's designer cookies, but only figuratively!

Typography is the art of printing with type, the work of setting and arranging types and of printing from them. Let's learn some history of typography.

Did you know that some penguins propose to their partners using a pebble? Or that ants never, ever sleep? Learn this and more facts with this infographic.

Before your next holiday destination, take a look at this oneiric gallery to help you decide. You'll leave your camera behind and pack watercolors instead!

The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness, since some states in the USA still don't prohibite texting whilte driving as a primary offense.

This illustrator with a love for forensic sciences took a law enforcement portrait software to recreate the faces of your favorite book characters.

John Ed de Vera carefully cuts these paper pieces to create beautiful, detailed illustrations of his favorite cartoons and characters. Check them out!