This clock by Scott Thrift is designed so that it changes colors depending on the time of day. With its wooden back and beautiful design, this clock would suit the working space of any designer. It stimulates creativity and productivity by reminding you to seize the day.

We knew that a Unicode update was coming, and this summer's contains 72 new emojis (including avocado emoji) so that you can further express yourself. Paella emoji, bro fist, pregnant woman, butterfly, and finally: the long-awaited for bacon emoji!

In this tutorial we'll celebrate the start of Ramadan with a beautiful lantern pattern and banner design! Built from basic shapes and bold colors, you'll be creating an assortment of lantern and pattern designs in no time!

Adobe has unveiled a new smart-cropping tool. This will fill in the blank spaces with smart cropping technology, so that you don't have to lose content.

Scientist tested famous brand logos to find out why some work and some don't, using a heatmapping tool that follows the pathways of viewer's eyes.

Follow this tutorial and learn how to create a Cocktail with accessories that you can use for your menus or invitations.

These animal detecting billboards allow drivers, thanks to night vision technology, know if an animal is about to cross the road. There is a peak in road kill accidents rates in spring, so this marketing campaign might actually save some lives. This is a great idea by BMW!

With this test, you will have to prove your color-recognising abilities. From furniture stores to basketball teams, colors create unique identity for a brand, and sometimes there's such strong association that the color starts receiving the company's name... Will you be able to guess them all? :)

Paris' municipal museums have launched this marketing campaign to attract people to their latest project: an online platform that makes the art collections in the 14 Paris Musées available to the general public. You can participate with your own creations, under the hashtag #ParallelesParisMusées

We are here to help you make the best of landing pages. So let's get started!

Last week we were talking about an agency that "face-swapped" famous logos using their competitor's style, but what if we just swap the colors? Maybe you aren't very used to seeing those on a daily basis, but your brain will still recognize that something isn't quite right in these logotypes!

A large population of the world is pretty familiar with Adobe's Photoshop software. Many people however, have never heard of Adobe's Illustrator or Adobe's InDesign programs. Even if you've heard of them, you may not be familiar with what these programs do, or who might use them. This article will give you a general overview of Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.