On the next tutorial, you will learn how to do an attractive background framed with natural elements. Using the Pen tool, a Gradient mesh, quite simple and the Blending modes you will be able to create realistic looking leaves in no time.

Laura Martin · 1 year ago

Jazza is known for his incredibly useful video tutorials for artists, and he has announced the release of an animation project that has been over a year in the making.

Who knew that cherries could be Aspen Gold? From willow boughs to Tigerlily shaded doughnuts, don't miss out on Lucia Litman's beautiful gallery of color and inspiration.

Patrick Commecy transforms dull building walls into magical, beautiful artwork. Don't you just wish you could see his artwork in your neighborhood?

In this tutorial you will learn How to create & animate a soccer badge with basic lines and shapes. Launch Adobe Illustrator and enjoy the process!

Did you know how the sandwich was invented? Or that people didn't have can openers until 50 years after the invention of cans? Food History teaches you facts like these!

Now Snapchat includes Memories, with which you can share not only photos you take in the moment, but also the ones that are already in your photo album!

Step by step, companies all over the world are fighting the industry of fast fashion. Want to learn how this Vietnamese company is helping?

If you want to catch a clearer glimpse of what these notes are going to look like, you can play the Tetris mini game available on their website.

Some of cinema's boldest and most glorious films have explored ideas and principles about design. Some in clever subtle clues and others in glaring direct details. Here are 14 flicks with unbelievable scenes about design.

This short video animation will help you review the basics of color theory with concepts such as hue or analogous colors while being hypnotized by the graphics.