Matt Crabtree has the special ability to capture classical beauty in mundane commuter moments. He manages to capture (with the help of his phone) stunning portraits of people looking just as if they had walked out of a 16th century painting.

They have announced the release of a new version of the page, where you can browse, preview and choose free fonts in a much easier way than before.

In this tutorial, i'll explain the process of organizing and creating vector elements to help in the designing process of an infographic.

Did you know that Twitter's logo was made just by using 13 circles? Dorota Pankowska decided to challenge herself and create 13 animals with this technique.

Meghan started her blog as a personal project, but at some point it became her own way to express herself through her nail art.

The Adobe’s foundational idea of creating Project Comet was and is to help UX designers get rid of multiple tools they use at present for designing from a multi-screen compatible interface to the testing done at different stages.

Aman Singh · 1 year ago

These infographics include tiny human figurines having fun climbing graphic charts or swinging from a line chart with an upwards trend.

Moiré effect is something usually dreaded by graphic designers, but this complex technique is an example of using an unwanted effect in the way that you want. His work was even featured on the cover of a Nico&Vinz album, hired by Warner Bros Records!

One new cool feature is the fact that you can highlight words and receive suggestions to replace them with emojis, which is pretty useful for platforms like Twitter where the character count is important. It seems like we have become pretty dependent of them!

5 Awesome Photoshop Tricks That Will Save You a Ton of Time

Julien Therrien has made his cat pose as every icon of the Pusheen set. Born in Tumblr, Pusheen started as an animated comic series and quickly became the most famous cat on the Internet. Jackie is just trying to follow Pusheen’s steps, a snack at a time.

Mark Zuckerberg shared on Facebook the first 360º pictures to ever be on the website last weekend. It's better to use your smartphone to see these and fully experience the 360º by rotating your device. Be careful if you are afraid of heights!