Students of ELISAVA, Barcelona's Design School, have participated in this project for Istanbul's Graphic Design Week, designing typography T-shirts displaying messages meant for the soldiers dealing with Syrian refugees. It is unlikely that the shirts will reach the border, but the message is really powerful and worth spreading.

In this tutorial we’ll go through the meditative process of creating an intricate vector mandala. We’ll be using basic geometric shapes, Stroke options and various handy functions of Adobe Illustrator. Let’s begin!

This fan has put together the face of Jon Snow with the bodies of various Disney princes, and the result is hilarious! Snow's "serious business" face contrasts so well with the generally happy and carefree world of Disney's male branch of royalty.

Michael Everson is a linguist and typographer that has been referred to as "the world's leading expert in the computer coding of scripts". But he is disappointed with Unicode’s focusing only in emojis, therefore neglecting other much needed punctuation symbols for people researching language.

Download for free these 10 hand drawn cute forest animals (bear, fox, raccoon...). Beautiful illustration designed by Freepik that you can get for free.

The School of Life is a Youtube channel with over a million subscribers that uploads many interesting and educational animated videos about history, philosophy and sociology. They are beautifully done, and they will provide you with food for thought to start the week! :)

Adobe has launched a new tool, Adobe Spark, to help people without visuals creation skills achieve professional results in their portfolios, visual presentations and animated videos. This integrated solution is really promising, we can’t wait to try it!

In this tutorial we'll seek inspiration from indigenous artwork to create a geometric pattern design based on simple shapes and a limited color palette. This is a fun guide to get started with more complex motifs!

Some words are tricky to learn, especially if you don't use them really often. I bet that if you check this list of illustrated difficult vocabulary words, you will learn at least one or two! Did you already know all of them? :)

DC Comics has gone through quite a few different logos ever since starting up in the thirties. With this new logo, they plan to bring the superheroes legacies back and celebrate the exciting future and of course, their fans. What do you think about it?