Pantone, in a partnership with Room Copenhagen, has produced a collection of desk accessories featuring some of the color company's favorite shades.

This Subreddit forum called "Accidentally Wes Anderson" is dedicated to recollect as many photos of real life dream-like scenarios that will probably inspire you! :)

She has made different posters, for carnivores, primates, lepidoptera, and many more families of animals!

For this campaign, they have created the lower half of some of the most famous masterpieces, like Van Gogh’s self-portrait or Leonardo’s Mona Lisa :)

It has been a few years since the handlettering trend took over social media, coffee shop black boards, logos, mugs, and everywhere inbetween. New script fonts and typefaces are released every day; instagram is covered in hand lettered quotes and flourished letters. It is impossible not to notice how popular hand lettering has become. Artist, designers, hand letterers and calligraphists alike are now able to create letters and letter artwork digitally with special digital brushes and very smart tablets like the iPad Pro.

Ekaterina uses vintage books that nobody longer reads to paint fragmented pictures that make sense when all of the pieces are laid out in a composition.

You can find icons of forest animals, pet items like fishtanks or food, flat colored adorable collections of fishes, birds, farm animals and even unicorns!

He takes as a reference the actors or celebrities that these dolls try to portray, like Emma Watson in The Beauty and the Beast, or Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman.

The series is cleverly called "brAND Videogame", and it features old school icons like Pana-Sonic the Hedgehog and Super Mario "Bosch"!

Tutpad is growing every day, with new tutorials with which you can acquire lots of new skills to perfect your creative portfolio, and now it has a logo!

Don't miss a hint of knowledge this month! With you.. the best tutorials of the month!

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