Gudim's work features daily situations that will make you feel many emotions: some of the comics are simpler, but other ideas are a bit more complex - still really fun!

Many people who suffer from depression sometimes act as if everything was alright in front of others. But it isn't exactly alright.

In order to take these astonishing pictures, this photographer had to dig a 3 meter deep underground photography studio!

This series of really cool illustrations shows some of the different reactions that we have when interacting on social media. Any of these sound familiar?

These pictures are really funny because they are also very well made, providing a suitable background and context beyond the runway!

Free or premium WordPress themes? What’s a better option for your website? There is an ongoing debate on which of these two solutions to choose for work. While some users will be avid fans of premium web design stuff only, others will claim that contemporary freebies boast functionality that is no less impressive and lets freebies safely compete with premium web design stuff. So, what groups of users should give preference to freebies? Who are premium templates designed for? Let’s find this out from today’s publication.

Nostalgia time! What was the first version of Photoshop that you ever used? :)

Instead of representing single letters, Sonaksha has made her goal to represent one mental illness every day to raise awareness.

Being a human is awkward most of the time, and these hilarious comic illustrations by Planet Prudence will prove that to anyone! :)

No matter how much you zoom in, the truth is that this image doesn't have any red pixels on it, even if your brain insists in believing so!

If only looks could sell. This is the catchphrase for a website which looks great but lacks behind on converting leads to customers. Yes, awesome website design may help you shape the brand, but customers won’t ensure you get customers. As competition increases, it is becoming increasingly difficult to bring in new leads and move them down the conversion funnel.

If you really want your things to arrive safely, the best is to roll them up into small cylinders! Or at least that is what this infographic by Bright Side shows :)