He then focused on MS Paint, and thanks to his perseverance, he became a master after ten years practicing the use of this software!

It might seem easy like an easy task for people who use iPhones often, but can you get all 7 answers right?

Using food coloring and using the white foam of fresh coffee as a canvas, he creates beautiful pictures.

Stock photography is a great way to improve your site’s visual strategy. Unfortunately some stock photography is overused or used “as is”, resulting in many sites using the same images without any branding or specific customization.

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Thanks to the project, in the end, she says that all of the anger and frustration from discrimination turned to love, which you can really see in her work.

It is no secret that conversions are a key to a successful and prosperous business. In the age of technology and digital marketing, the ever growing trend of visual content has empowered marketing campaigns and product representations. In an effort to capture and captivate users’ attention, digital marketers are coming up with fascinating and entertaining means of using visual content to convert their target audience.

Julie Seabrook claims that she has never been able to tell hat her favorite color was, so she decided to collect all of them in a Rainbow Encyclopedia!

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Research suggests that people make up their minds within 90 seconds of interaction either people or product. With 60-90% of assessment being done on the basis of colors alone.

Take the tip from Gianluca's work: even the tiniest piece of candy wrapping could inspire your next big idea! :)