On her Instagram profile she shares her work, and also her sketches and workplace. Prepare yourself to feel very inspired!

Thousands of tiny brushstrokes recreate the illusion of thread and fabric sewn to create them! Simply an amazing work.

Like Facebook, where people sometimes post fake photos (25.2% of the lies) or lie about owning things that they actually don't (23%)!

When writing and finalizing blog posts, one of the most important steps you need to take is the creation of the graphics that will be shared on Social Media. You can use photographs, backgrounds and even illustrations. Have you ever tried using icons?

Maru holds the Guinness Record for "the most watched animal on Youtube", and that might be related to his love of playing with cardboard boxes.

Sometimes, designers turn their hardships into hilarious ideas thanks to the power of their own creativity :)!

Thanks to a crowd funding project, they have been able to raise funds for releasing it as an Open Type font that will be suitable for use in any type of keyboard!

It keeps improving its knowledge about the color theory by studying photographs and films, so that it is also capable of producing palettes from scratch!

She says that art is a "super psychiatrist" that is able to heal people in many ways. It requires a lot of mental power and concentration!

Most people will really find themselves identified with these strips. Unless you are good at cooking, of course!

Origami is a Japanese technique that consists of folding paper for the creation of original designs. The word origami comes from two Japanese words 'ori' (folding) and 'kami' (paper). An alternative already used in fields such as architecture, graphic design, interior design or the textile industry.

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