Punday is a collection of photographs of real objects representing a series of word puns: Soda Pressing, Foreshadow and J-Peg are some of the cleverest ones! :)

With shoes and handbags it works okay… But take a look at the hilarious cat renders that users from all over the world are creating!

These "literally delicious" teas come with names such as 'Pride and Peppermint' or 'War and Peach'. Perfect for book and tea lovers!

He transforms the blue or grey skies into all of the hues of cotton candy in the world, he plays with colors while maintaining unaltered geometry!

The booth, also made out of Legos, is located at the toy brand's largest store which opened last year, so even if you don't get a portrait, it is worth visiting!

They are currently running a contest to be one of the first ones to try them, so go check their website out!

The Oscars gala is an obligatory meeting for all cinema lovers. Lights and action and all the focus is.. do the wardrobe?. But and the cinematographic posters? Why nobody talks about them? Certainly the film poster is the main piece to the attention of the public, is like the cover of a book…Have many of us not bought once a book just to have a beautiful cover?

Maria · 2 days ago

All that you have to do is place your design on a 2D plan (hence Blueprint), and afterwards the Action takes care of the rest!

Aylin also makes practical mugs and plates, such as her "hidden pattern" series, where you have to look at the bottom of the mug to see the shirt of the character!

Her work is colorful and really delicious looking, which makes you really disappointed when you realize that it's not real food!

You could end up as a Ford factory worker, a travelling salesman or a dressmaker. What did you get? :o