Animation in cinema has come a long way, and it only keeps moving forwards. CGI has been refined to the point we can't tell what isn't real anymore!

Are you active on Pinterest? Do you create Pinterest graphics to promote your blog? If you are a seasoned Pinterest user then you know that the best Pinterest format is vertical, long and preferably eye catching. Getting lots of repins depends greatly on the quality of your graphic and the information it provides. TIP: Infographics also make great Pins!

His project is coming along really fine, since the monsters and creatures are actually really cute and they all seem to have their own personality!

Adobe Research has developed a user interface called Playful Palette, which allows you to mix colors like you would the traditional way!

Jacob Parr is an illustrator who haves fun while representing some of the most famous pop culture characters from video games and series as coffee cups!

Have you ever experienced a moment where you felt as though you couldn't come up with any new ideas? Or maybe you had an idea, but you couldn’t figure out how to express this idea?

You can find some that are more relaxed, such as handwriting fonts that have lots of decorations in them, while others are a lot more simple.

The importance of branding is becoming more and more prominent in our online world and community. Every company and business professional is expected to have some type of logo, symbol or branding.

How would these movies actually look like if they were accurate according to reality in the current year? It's an interesting twist for sure.

By the time that you realize it, many years may have gone by while you pushed your passions and projects to the side

A graphics tablet, amongst other options in the market, is one of the best tools that an illustrator or graphic designer can use to make things easier.