These beach vectors are refreshing just by looking at them: the bright colors of the sand, the water and a hammock to relax on are sure a pleasant view!

You can use the free resources that you download from Freepik and Flaticon in your graphic design projects – and you can edit vectors easily! But how?

These fruits and vegetables are arranged in perfect geommetry, don't forget that the pictures are not photoshopped, because they can be really tricky!

Janine Ker uses the hair of her clients as a canvas to explore her creativity, which includes amazing color geometric patterns and even a bit of sculpting!

The icon's simple linear style adapts to most use situations and can be personalized in any color that you want!

If you answered all of them correctly, maybe it's time to head over to the Pantone headquarters and ask for a job, since their workers need perfect color vision!

The result looks magical, you wouldn't really guess how he created these prints without knowing what goes on behind the scenes.

You can download a bunch of amazingly designed icons that represent plants, animals, flowers and recycling themes amongst others.

The mixture between these minimalistic portraits and the geometric architecture photography makes for an interesting result.

Thanks to their Legos, the kids are able to envision their future careers and the block pieces symbolize their development towards their dreams.