Her comics are brutally honest and will shatter any kind of hope that some situations are going to be resolved on their own: like doing your laundry.

He even carves some soap bars from the inside, but leaving the outer layer intact, which seems like a really difficult (nearly impossible) task.

If you take a look at these gorgeous photos, you might want to pick up a copy of his cooking book really soon! :)

Did you know that Tiffany & Co owns Tiffany Blue (which owns Pantone 1837, which is the same year the company was founded)?

The Grand Budapest Hotel, the Little Mermaid or Super Mario Bros inspire her to create incredible compositions.

We can say that IKEA has kept the same essence over the years, because some of these photographs look like you ran the current catalogs through an Instagram filter!

The app doesn't only give you the Pantone code, but also hexadecimal in case you are working with an app or software that only admits this input.

The owners tell her the story of their pets before she paints the dogs in clothes that represent those personalities.

Even if they are sometimes difficult to please, having an art director to show your work to can be a great way to grow as an artist.

After taking Pantone's color test, it's difficult to tell which one of these two is more difficult…!

Sometimes, a brand chooses a very simple logotype and coincidences can be more frequent, but what about more complex logotypes like Starbucks'?

Logomaker, the logo creator website, has published a useful guide so that you can see what these big logo changes were about!