In her collection there are kangaroos, koalas, and other animals like sea turtles and owls, including an echidna!

After seeing a few of her pieces you might start craving some food: hopefully, not made of threads!

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Flaticon · 1 day ago

After completing a 30-day challenge of painting tiny inhabitants of his furniture and appliances, he couldn't just kick them out!

The beautiful scenery and landscape paintings by him could be easily mistaken for photographs. His students will surely learn a lot from him! :)

Take a look to what we've been up to this month and stay tuned for more!

Tutpad · 2 days ago

This Barbie has huge headphones to isolate from the noise, Starbucks or take away coffee, a yoga mat, a beanie... Everything the common commuter needs!

But not all of his work is about representing serious abstract concepts: there's of course always room for a laugh, too!

She shares with us a part of the disorder that is invisible to our eyes, and we can't even imagine how terrifying it must actually feel.

Muji offers a wide range of stationery goods, storage and even clothing. But they have taken a step further and designed an entire one-room apartment!

Sometimes, she even paints some of these pieces for her friends and has them also pose for the picture!