Cubes are structures commonly found in Nature, even in the most elemental mineral molecules, therefore it's really interesting to see Aryanto's work!

Typography is a topic of passion for most graphic designers. This passion has led to hours and hours of lectures and discussions about serifs versus sans serifs; topics which would seem very trivial to inexperienced designers. In addition to serifs and sans serifs, there are many more seemingly trivial topics discussed in the design community. These topics of discussion are definitely not trivial, and they make the task of mastering typography all the more difficult.

This is one of the reasons why, the more internationally standardized symbols are, the better for travelers :)

Some of these are really good, and it wouldn't be surprising if at some point one company bought some ideas from him! :)

This is how Karate Kid went from being a serious story about life truths to "a wise martial arts teacher sabotages a young boy's training with light-hearted jokes".

Dinosaurs, Wild West, Atlantis... These trips aren't (or wouldn't be, remember that it's all fiction... for now!) for the faint hearted!

Food art is awesome, because you don't just stare at it: you can also enjoy eating something delicious as a reward for your hard work!

Popcorn, space, Adventure Time, animals, even ramen! And they look so nice when they are all laid out on a flat surface together!

Even if you’re a small business owner or a brick and mortar business, you cannot ignore having an online presence and a good marketing strategy. Everyone and everything is going digital and most of your customers are online even if you’re not. Online marketing gives you the opportunity to tap into the huge database of potential customers. And that means increased profits and more business.

We get it: the Instagram generation is all for uploading photos of their faces to the Internet and giving out likes to their friends' like there's no tomorrow.