Agata Kuczminska, a designer who creates icons for Flaticon, completely breaks these trends and creates icons that are bursting with personality and her own style.

We are almost half way through 2017 and it’s pretty easy to see what’s trending in the design world. But in this post we are going to concentrate on one very important aspect of a design – Typography.

The top typefaces are Open Sans, Helvetica and Arial, while the winner is a font size of 14 px: 16 px and 13 px are also popular choices.

The world is changing constantly. New technologies evolve, as well as the demand for something truly revolutionary grows. One of such more recent innovations that grow in popularity among the contemporary web audience

In the photographs, they tried to capture somehow the universe inside a classical painting, where they felt like they were behind the scenes!

Here's a selection of the most downloaded icons from Flaticon in the last week, free resources for you to use in any of your projects!

One volume controller requires you to roll the dice and cross your fingers for good luck in getting the desired number!

Hayao Miyazaki films are like a hearty handmade meal that any generation can enjoy, while Tim Burton adds a grey Burton special sauce to any dish!

Of course, the next step for Freepik, Flaticon and Tutpad is to continue growing and never stop creating new creative ideas!

His personal style reflects a lot of influence from pop culture, like video games, comic characters or iconic films that he enjoys.

What an amazing trait creativity is, it makes us truly unique. It has already attracted psychologists and researchers as we see research papers on creativity every year.